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Creating Whole Communities (CWC) brings together UMSL faculty, students, and community leaders to research important community challenges through rigorous issue- and practice-based research.

Scholarship on a broad range of issues is drawn from multi-disciplinary perspectives. The leadership team and partners of CWC share a commitment to connecting research findings to public policymakers, practitioners, and citizens.

Research conducted through CWC will uphold the following values:

  • Community stakeholder input is valued through all phases of research development including the identification of research questions, data collection, data interpretation, and dissemination.

  • Community partners will be sought in areas of research development and dissemination.

  • Faculty and students from multiple disciplines are engaged in research efforts to provide a more well-rounded approach to research inquiries.

  • Findings and lessons learned will be disseminated to the public through publications and presentations.

CWC supports neighborhood-focused research by offering a research fellows program open to UMSL Faculty.

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Partner with UMSL on research

If your organization has research needs related to the focus of Creating Whole Communities and would like to explore working with UMSL, please contact Claire Rippel (wolffca@missouri.edu). Creating Whole Communities can assist in pulling a team together for contracted research projects or work with partners needing best practice research.