At the end of each spring semester, the department awards undergraduate and graduate financial scholarships to students who have demonstrated excellence inside and outside of the psychology classroom. Examples of this would be research projects, taking part in volunteer projects with special populations, and participating in Psi Chi activities. 

Undergraduate Awards

The John J. Boswell Psi Chi Scholarship Award

Dr. John Boswell was a dedicated researcher who taught Research Methods and Psychological Statistics at UMSL. He had been with the university since 1965 and served as the Psi Chi faculty advisor for many years before his passing in 1996. The Boswell Scholarship Award is given to a Psi Chi member who has demonstrated academic excellence and commitment to the field of scientific research in psychology. Those who have PSYCH 3390 research experience, or other relevant scientific research experience in the field of psychology, are encouraged to apply. Email completed applications to


  • Must be an active Psi Chi member
  • Must be an undergraduate psychology major
  • Will be enrolled in classes during the next academic year
  • In good academic standing

Deadline: Check back in Spring 2020


The Kathy Van Dyke Undergraduate Scholarship Award

The Kathy Van Dyke Scholarship Fund was established in May 1994 to honor the memory of Kathy Van Dyke, former president of UMSL's Psychology Chapter of the Alumni Association until her passing in 1991. She received her BA in Psychology from UMSL in 1975 and went on to take leadership roles in her career and other organizations. Recipients possess and demonstrate leadership ability and provide evidence of significant contributions to the field of psychology. This award most commonly goes to an undergraduate student who has been actively engaged in research, is actively involved in campus and/or community service, and has a strong academic record. Email completed applications to


  • Must be an undergraduate psychology major
  • Will be enrolled in classes during the next academic year
  • In good academic standing with an overall GPA of at least 3.0

Deadline: Check back in Spring 2020


Graduate Awards

The Kathy Van Dyke Graduate Scholarship Award

Graduate students from all three programs are eligible by being nominated by a faculty member. Students are usually in their second year or higher.

The Lewis J. Sherman Memorial Scholarship Award

Dr. Lewis Sherman was the first director of clinical training, former director of UMSL's Counseling Service, and a former chair of the Department. He was also one of the founding members of the Clinical Psychology Program at UMSL. Only Clinical graduate students are eligible for the Sherman Award.

The Gary K. Burger Fellowship Award

Dr. Gary K. Burger was a longtime Chair of the Psychology Department who taught graduate Statistics and Quantitative courses. The Gary K. Burger Fellowship Award is given to a Doctoral student in Psychology working on an approved doctoral dissertation. The Fellowship is to be awarded to a student who has evidenced achievement in employing advanced quantitative methods in research, including the Ph.D. dissertation.

The Jayne E. Stake Clinical Training Award

Dr. Jayne Stake was the first director of Community Psychological Service and served as the Clinical Program Director for decades before her retirement. This award is given each year to a Clinical graduate student with the most outstanding evidence for growth as a developing clinician.

The Outstanding Research Award in Behavioral Neuroscience

This award is given to a Behavioral Neuroscience student who has shown excellence in research endeavors. 

The Psychological Sciences Graduate Student Instructor Award

This award honors a graduate student instructor for outstanding contributions to the academic achievement of undergraduate psychology students.

The Psychological Sciences Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

This award is given to a graduate student teaching assistant for outstanding contributions to instruction in psychology courses.