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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Specific Guidelines for Psychology Department Scholarships

I. Undergraduate Awards

  1. Undergraduates should be in their senior year and have completed at least 21 hours of Psychology courses.
  2. Criteria would be GPA in Psychology (3.0 minimum) and GPAoverall (3.0 minimum), and work in Psychology beyond the classroom. Examples of this would be research projects, taking part in volunteer projects with special populations, participating in Psi Chi activities, etc.

II. Graduate Awards

  1. Graduate students should be in their third or fourth year of full-time graduate study.
  2. Criteria would be a combination of excellence in research and academics (minimum 3.0 GPA) Excellence in research would be demonstrated by research projects.

III. The department would select three undergraduate and three graduate candidates for the award, with the final selection made by the Alumni Board. Applications would include a transcript, a vita, and a statement (not to exceed two typewritten pages) describing the qualifications of the applicant.

John J. Boswell Scholarship Award
A scholarship will be awarded to a Psi Chi member who has demonstrated academic excellence and commitment to the field of scientific research in psychology. Applicants can obtain an application in the Psi Chi office,. Psi Chi will nominate at least two individuals for this award, and final selection will be made by the Alumni Board of the Psychology Chapter of the UM-St. Louis Alumni Association. Nominees will be interviewed by the Alumni Board to determine the winner of the award.

If you have 390 research experience, or other relevant scientific/research experience in the field of psychology, please apply. The requirements are: good academic standing, current active membership in Psi Chi, and scientific research experience. As many of you may know, the late Dr. Boswell was a dedicated researcher and taught research methods and statistics. He served as the Psi Chi faculty advisor for many years before he passed away.

We encourage all eligible members to apply. The scholarship is presented at an award ceremony at the Annual Psychology Alumni Reception.

Kathy Van Dyke Scholarship
The Kathy Van Dyke Scholarship Fund was established May 1994 to honor the memory of KATHY VAN DYKE. Kathy served as president of the University of Missouri-St. Louis Psychology Chapter in the 1980’s until her death in 1991. Kathy Van Dyke was a graduate of the University College of Arts and Sciences, BA Psychology in 1975. She was a devoted mother and spouse, while working as Manager of Training and Development for the Edison Brothers Stores, Inc. Kathy was active in the organization of the American Society of Training and Development. She was devoted to the mission of the University and the Psychology Chapter of the Alumni Association:

  • Enhancing the public image of University of Missouri-St. Louis Department of Psychology
  • Fostering a spirit of fraternity among graduates and former students
  • Eliciting community, political and financial support for the Department of Psychology
  • Promoting and supporting the professional and personal development of the University of Missouri-St. Louis Department of Psychology

As President she played a major role in coordinating activities of the Psychology Chapter with various entities of the University and developing this Chapter as strong and viable during its formation.

Scholarship awards are to be granted from the distribution of the endowed account to student(s) who are enrolled at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, in a graduate or undergraduate psychology program. Recipient(s) shall posses and demonstrate leadership ability and shall have evidence of significant contributions to the field of psychology. Students are nominated by the Department of Psychology faculty at UM-St. Louis. Only students in good academic standing can be nominated. Awards can, but need not necessarily, be based on financial needs of a particular student. Selection of the annual recipient(s) and other details are made by the University of Missouri-St. Louis Psychology Chapter of the Alumni Association Board.