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Program Overview

An undergraduate major in Psychological Sciences provides the foundation for future education in psychology at the graduate level. Psychology is a diverse field that lays the groundwork for a future in a variety of professions, such as healthcare, social work, and counseling. An undergraduate degree in psychology also offers the liberal arts background necessary for entry-level positions in many fields such as business, communication, human services and mental health.

The Department of Psychological Sciences offers a broad-based curricular plan leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in psychology, a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in psychology, and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Applied Psychology of Child Advocacy Studies. We also offer minors in the field of Psychology and in Child Advocacy Studies. There are a number of undergraduate certificates that can be earned through the department, including: Child Advocacy Studies (CAST), Gender Studies, Gerontological Studies, Neuroscience, and Trauma Studies.

Information regarding graduate degree programs can be found here.


In conjunction with coursework in the department, students have the opportunity to do research in several animal and human experimental laboratories furnished with various psychophysiological equipment. Research topics consist of animal and human learning, human factors, perception, cognitive processes, and community psychology among others. The student may choose an area of concentration in graduate school preparation, child care and development, or industrial-organizational psychology, but is not required to follow one of these concentrations and may devise an individual program. Additionally, the department operates three facilities—Community Psychological Services, the Center for Trauma Recovery, and Children's Advocacy Services of Greater St. Louis—which provide training opportunities for students in psychology, as well as providing psychological assessment services for citizens of the region.

Psychology Academic Advising

Prospective undergraduate students interested in majoring or minoring in Psychological Sciences should visit an academic advisor in the Dr. Marcus Allen Advising Center to receive specific information on enrollment, degree requirements, and course offerings. Current students can visit the Stadler Psychological Sciences Advising Office to ask questions about the psychology degree in general, including types of psychology-based careers, and receive information about graduate work in psychology. All students are encouraged to see a psychology academic advisor regularly throughout their collegiate careers. It is especially important for all students who are within one calendar year of graduation to meet with an advisor.