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Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics Advising

Graduate students should contact Dr. Jiang at jiangq@umsl.edu for assistance.

Each mathematics major within the department is assigned a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will assist in selecting appropriate courses and advise the student in matters relating to degree requirements. Students should contact their faculty advisor by phone or email to schedule an appointment. 

Students are assigned to faculty advisors based on the first letter of their last names:

Students whose last names start with Advisor Office Phone Email
A-F David Covert 349 ESH 516-6627 covertdj@umsl.edu
G-M Yuefeng Wu 320 ESH 516-6348 wuyue@umsl.edu
N-S Prabhakar Rao 338 ESH 516-6347 raoa@umsl.edu
T-Z David Covert 349 ESH 516-6627 covertdj@umsl.edu

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Students are encouraged to print a current My Degree Audit report prior to their scheduled appointment with their faculty advisor.

Students may contact the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office at 303 Lucas Hall, (314) 516-5501, for clarification on any academic issues related to the division such as general education requirements, school policies and regulations, and graduation requirements. Students should apply for graduation by the indicated deadlines.

Major Field Test

Please also note that graduating seniors in any major with our department are required to take the Major Field Test during their last semester of study.

The exams are available through the UMSL Campus Testing Center. The department contacts all graduating students prior to graduation with information concerning how to arrange the exam and sample materials.  Graduating seniors for fall semester will take the exam during the month of November, spring graduates during the month of April, and summer graduates during the month of July.  Students must be on the graduation list in order to take the major field exam.  

If you have questions, please contact Kimberly Stanger at kimberlystanger@umsl.edu