Common Searches

Preparing for your last Semester: 

  • Make an "I am ready to Graduate" appointment in MyConnect with your Academic Advisor 
  • Complete the Graduation Application in MyView before the Dates below:

    • October 1 for Fall Graduates
    • March 1 for Spring Graduates
    • June 1 for Summer Graduates. It is recommended that students who would like to participate in the May ceremony apply by March 1.
  • Check your My Degree Degree Audit to make sure all courses are completed and transfer work is accepted
  • Visit Career Services >
  • Expect to hear from Career Services six months after graduation to get an update on your status. This helps the university to provide aggregate data to the state, accreditation boards and prospective students.

During your last Semester: 

  • Make sure your name and address are correct in MyView
  • Sign up to participate in the Graduation Ceremony/Purchase your cap and gown
  • Complete Exit Interviews and Major Field Exams
  • Settle any outstanding charges on your student account.