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The Labor Studies Certificate Program gives current and students, union members future union leaders, representatives, activists and workers a basic background and history along with the skills needed to deal with the ever-changing U.S. workplace and economy.

This course is grounded in U.S. history and has roots in political science, law and economics. This will give students have the opportunity to develop skills of analyzing and organizing policy, economic, workplace issues and leadership skills needed to understand and provide an equal footing with counterparts in the corporate and political world. Completion of the program earns 18 credit hours toward a degree and a Certificate in Labor Studies.

Six three-hour courses are offered, two per semester. All courses are asynchronous allowing students to fit their studies around their work and other obligations. Courses are offered through course share agreements with UMKC allowing UMSL and UMKC students to study collaboratively.

For more information on schedules, registration and fees, call Douglas Swanson, the UMSL Labor Studies Program Coordinator at 314-516-6698 or email him directly at swansondj@missouri.edu.