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The Harris Center at the University of Missouri-St. Louis presents the Conservation Action Prize to recognize individuals who are particularly active in the frontline of biological conservation. The award honors individuals intimately involved and successful in seeking solutions to conservation problems, developing conservation strategies, implementing programs that conserve natural resources, habitats and biodiversity, educating the public on issues pertaining to biological conservation, or providing leadership through example. These individuals are rarely recognized publicly for their dedication; yet, their work underpins the day-to-day successes in the conservation of biodiversity and habitats. The prize recognizes conservationists active in Missouri and Illinois as well as those active nationally or internationally.

  • the prize honors the “unsung heroes” of conservation; those physically conducting work in the field that otherwise would go unrecognized by many of their peers or the general public;
  • individuals should have a minimum of five years experience working in conservation;
  • individuals may be conservation professionals, volunteers, or academics with significant local or national conservation achievements;
  • the prize is open to individuals working in the bi-state region (Missouri and Illinois) as well as those based in tropical countries;
  • nominations should be sent to the address below and should include a letter that outlines why the nominee deserves the prize, a list of their accomplishments, curriculum vitae and up to three supporting letters.