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Where are they now?

Our alumni will always be near (and dear!) to our hearts, but their journeys can take them quite far from Saint Louis. The following is an ever-growing directory to who they are and what they've been up to.

(Hey alumni, we love hearing from you! Don't see yourself on this list, or think it needs updating? Send us an email and we'll add your info!)

Dr. Samoa Asigau
PhD, 2018 (Parker Lab)
Papua New Guinea
Research Interests: Population genetics and spatial and demographic patterns of mosquitoes in implicating avian malaria in the Galapagos Archipelago.

Dr. Rani Asmarayani
PhD, 2018 (Stevens Lab)
Research Interests: Systematic study of Asian Piper (Piperaceae).

Dr. Meghann Humphries
PhD, 2019 (Ricklefs Lab)
Research Interest: Phylogeography, population genetics, host/parasite coevolution.

Dr. Mari C. Jaramillo
MS, PhD, 2018 (Parker Lab)
Research Interests: Disease Ecology of malaria (Plasmodium) parasites in Galapagos avifauna.

Vona Kuczynska
MS, 2015 (Marquis Lab)
Wildheart Ecology, Founder

Dr. Lúcia Lohmann
MS, PhD, 2003 (Stevens Lab, Kellogg Lab)
Department of Botany at the University of São Paulo, Professor; Missouri Botanical Garden, Research Associate; New York Botanical Garden, Research Associate

Dr. Heritiana Ranarivelo
PhD, 2017 (Parker Lab)
California Academy of Sciences, Botany Department, Research Associate

Dr. Fidisoa Rasambainarivo
PhD, 2018 (Parker Lab)
Research Interests: Conservation medicine, health and diseases at the human and wildlife interface.
Mahaliana Lab, Founder

Dr. Diego Salazar Amoretti
PhD, 2013 (Marquis Lab)
Costa Rica
Florida International University, Assistant Professor