Research Grant Awardees

Spring 2021

Giulia de Gennaro - Doyle Memorial Research Grant, Mallinckrodt Research Grant, Leo and Kay Drey Research Grant

Jeremy Howard - John Denver Research Grant, Stokes Family Research Grant

Owen Ireton - Kranzberg Undergraduate Research Grant

Kristin Ranker - Harris Center Community Partnership Fund Research Grant

Patrick Ross - Van Trease Graduate Research Grant, Harris Center Research Grant

Kristen Sheahan - Kranzberg Undergraduate Research Grant

Rieka Yu - Raven World Ecology Research Grant, Harris Center Research Grant

FALL 2020

Estefania Fernandez - John Denver Research Grant

Chris Fitterman-Harris - Kranzberg Undergraduate Research Grant

Webster Heffern - Stokes Family Research Grant

Kyle LaBerta - Kranzberg Undergraduate Research Grant

Juan Moreira-Hernandez - Kent Endowed Research Grant, Van Trease Graduate Research Grant

Sage Rohrer - Jane Harris Research Grant, Osborne Family Travel Research Grant 

Andreia Trigueros - Harris Center Research Grant

Spring 2020

Rachel Brant - Doyle Memorial Research Grant - "Dissecting differential gene expression of urban dwelling sweat bees (Halictidae)"

Jacob Kottmeier - Kranzberg Undergraduate Research Grant - The Influence of Soil Pathogens on Genetic Variants and Their Spatial Distribution in Ocimum basilicum (Basil)

Tim Decker - Kranzberg Undergraduate Research Grant - "Ascertaining parentage in a Wild Troop of Peruvian Spider Monkeys (Ateles chamek)

Fall 2019 

Miguel Chaves - Raven World Ecology Research Grant - "Plant traits determining host use of Costa Rican Zingiberales by rolled-leaf beetles"

Dannice Alexander - Kranzberg Undergraduate Research Grant - "Testing the effects of floral color and morphological complexity on learning and choice in bumble bees"

Brittany Minor - Kranzberg Undergraduate Research Grant - "The Effects of Caffeine in Bumble Bee Learning and Persistence"

Estefania Fernandez - John Denver Research Grant - "Effects of forest restoration on the recovery of coarse woody debris and associated arthropods"

Jose Iturrizaga - Harris Center Research Grant

Spring 2019

Rachel Brant - Raven World Ecology Research Grant

Helen Clawitter - Doyle Memorial Research Grant

Eva Colberg - Mallinckrodt Research Grant

Katelyn Hanners - Kranzberg Undergraduate Research Grant

Alex Lascher-Posner - John Denver Research Grant

Rieka Yu - Harris Center Research Grant

Amanda Wu - Harris Center Community Partnership Fund Research Grant

Fall 2018 

Michael Austin - Leo and Kay Drey Research Grant

Mladen Senicar - Leo and Kay Drey Research Grant, Harris Center Endowed Research Grant

Andreia Figueiredo - Raven World Ecology Research Grant, Stokes Family Research Grant

Tian Manning - Stokes Family Research Grant, Harris Center Research Grant

Diana Gamba - John Denver Research Grant

Meg Humphries - Doyle Memorial Research Grant

Amanda Wu - Jane Harris Research Grant, Harris Center Research Grant

Vannesia Jawahir - Doyle Memorial Research Grant, Harris Center Endowed Research Grant


Current Harris Center Fellowships

Christensen Fellowship

Belen Alvestegui

Rachel Brant

Estefania Fernandez

Amanda Wu

Harris World Ecology Center - Saint Louis Zoo Collaborative Fellowship

Jose Iturrizaga