David Rockefeller Jr.The Rockefeller Family
Since the late nineteenth century members of the Rockefeller family have been deeply engaged in efforts to conserve and preserve this country's increasingly endangered natural heritage. This engagement has taken many forms; from creating some of our great national parks—Acadia and Virgin Islands—and expanding others—Great Smokies and Grand Tetons; to saving the tiny community gardens of New York City from careless real estate development; to providing leadership to and supporting the work of the many organizations leading the fight for stronger environmental standards and greater ecological awareness in the United States and around the world. Five generations of Rockefellers have given us a distinguished and distinctive legacy of commitment and achievement.

David Rockefeller, Jr.
David Rockefeller, Jr., director and former chair of Rockefeller & Co., Inc., is an active participant in the nonprofit arena, especially in the areas of environment, the arts, public education and philanthropy. He is vice chair of the National Park Foundation and former national vice chair of the Alaska Conservation Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving the Alaskan natural environment and its native cultures. He is also an avid sailor and has raced and cruised for forty years in the waters from Labrador to Miami and from San Diego to Alaska.

Mr. Rockefeller, a former chair of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, continues to serve on its board and is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. A graduate of Harvard College and of Harvard Law School, Mr. Rockefeller and his wife, Diana Newell Rockefeller, a creative writer, have two children.

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