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Airport Pickup and Alternative Transportation

Airport Pickup & Alternative Transportation Options

Airport Pickup

If you will be living on campus in Oak Hall or University Meadows, UMSL Global will be providing Airport Pickup on:

  • Friday, August 9
  • Saturday, August 10
  • Sunday, August 11

***Airport pickup will not be provided at any other time nor to anyone not living in on campus housing.***


Register for Airport PickUp Here

Alternative Transportation

For those living off-campus or arriving early (or late) 

If you are not living on campus or you will arrive on a date not listed above, you must provide your own transportation.

  • UMSL is a short distance from the airport.
  • There are many hotels near to the airport.
  • The Drury Inn & Holiday Inn by the STL Airport both have free breakfast as part of your stay.
  • Please do not book Airbnb’s or room shares until you become more familiar with the United States.


Uber and Lyft

  • Rideshare apps require the use of a credit or debit card to use the app.
  • Please download the app prior to departure from your home country and make sure a working international credit or debit card is linked to the app.


Saint Louis County & Yellow Cab (company has an app available for download in addition to the website) Phone: (+1)-314-991-5300

Laclede Cab (company has an app available for download in addition to the website) Phone:(+1)-314-626-8294

The addresses for Oak Hall and University Meadows are as follows:

  • Oak Hall
    2911 Laclede Lane Saint Louis, MO 63121
    Phone: +1-314-250-7086
  • University Meadows
    2901 University Meadows Drive Saint Louis, MO 63121
    Phone: +1-314-805-2801


UMSL has two Metrolink stops on the Red Line from STL Airport.

  • UMSL South is nearest to Oak Hall and University Meadows.
  • UMSL North  is nearest to the Millennium Student Center (MSC).

Global Triton Welcome

No matter what your transportation or living choice, you are expected to arrive by Sunday, August 11, 2024!

Please report to the Millennium Student Center (MSC), Century Rooms, (D-6 on the UMSL Campus Map at 08:00AM on Monday, August 12, 2024 for check-in.

You can find a tentative final schedule here.  Check-In begins at 08:00AM on Monday, August 12, 2024.