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International Honor Society

The UMSL chapter of Sigma Iota Rho, International Studies Honor Society, was chartered in 1988 as the Alpha Beta Chapter.

The purpose of the honor society is to promote and recognize outstanding achievement and service by students, faculty and practitioners of international studies, international relations, and international affairs.

The society is named for three basic qualities necessary in the study of international affairs:  Sigma for ”synesis” meaning prudence, Iota for “ideodoi” meaning ideals, and Rho for ”rhomi” meaning power.

Membership is open to any UMSL faculty member involved in the teaching of courses giving credit in international studies/relations/affairs.

Undergraduate students applying for membership should meet the following qualifications and be elected to membership:

  • Be currently enrolled at UMSL and have completed coursework (generally a minimum of 5 courses) in international studies/relations/affairs.
  • Be a junior or senior.
  • Have attained a cumulative grade point average of “B” or higher and a grade point average of at least 3.2 in international studies/relations/affairs courses.

Applications for students are available in International Studies and Programs, 366 SSB Bldg. Telephone: 314-516-5753.  E-mail: global@umsl.edu

All faculty and student members must pay an initiation fee (currently $45) to cover national dues. Members will receive a certificate of membership, a Sigma Iota Rho pin and graduation cord, and a copy of the Sigma Iota Rho publication, Journal of International Relations.