Monica Farrell

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Areas of Specialization

General Business
Supply Chain Management

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I am a native St. Louisan, and my answer to the ever-popular St. Louis question is St. Thomas Aquinas High School (now Trinity High School). I changed my major at least four times as an UMSL undergraduate, and therefore am sympathetic to students who can't decide on a major!! The result of this indecision was that I completed two undergraduate degrees, in Psychology and English (with a Writing Certificate). I have a Master's degree in Education- Counseling.

Many of my relatives and friends have graduated from UMSL with degrees from the College of Business. As a result, I have seen the professional success that results from having a Business Administration degree from UMSL. While our degree programs may be challenging, employers know that UMSL Business majors are well prepared, and that makes a difference when you graduate.

On a personal note, I am married and the parent of two teenagers. I am a bookworm who hopes heaven has a library, and my interests include history, travel, Trivial Pursuit and free-lance writing. I am also the co-director of Heart to Heart-St. Louis, an organization that provides education, support and advocacy for families in Missouri and southern Illinois who deal with congenital heart disease.

General Business

The General Business emphasis area is available for students who want to take advantage of the broad range of business courses taught at UMSL. Students chose to graduate with a General Business emphasis area for a variety of reasons, which include the desire for flexibility in the job market and to pick individual business electives which will assist them in future professional study (such as law or medical school).

Some Business Administration students initially major in General Business because they know that they want to graduate with a business degree, but have not decided which areas are the best fit for them. I am happy to assist those students by suggesting electives that give them exposure to different topics in business as they decide on the best major for them.

The General Business emphasis area has the same degree requirements as other programs in the College of Business Administration, including 18 hours of Junior/Senior level Business electives. The only difference is that the courses can be chosen from the many different areas in Business. Some students will major in General Business with minors in Accounting, Information Systems and Technology, International Business or Transportation Studies.

Supply Chain Management

The mission of the Supply Chain Management field is to produce the appropriate goods or services of the right quality and quantity, and to distribute them to the right place, at the right time, thereby making the greatest contribution to the organization. In a business environment, Supply Chain Management encompasses the design, implementation and management of systems for efficient deployment of personnel, physical facilities, raw materials, in-process inventories, finished goods and related information or services. Supply Chain Management covers the whole supply chain, from the acquisition of raw materials, through production, to the point of consumption. Supply Chain Management analysts must be proficient in the use of quantitative models and computers and must communicate effectively.

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