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Create a customized recruitment strategy when UMSL Business partners with your organization and help your business thrive!

Our smart and innovative students are prepared to make an impact on your organization. Here are some ways to engage with our students:

Recruit in Anheuser Busch Hall

Set up a table to talk to students walking between classes or during a study break in the home of the College of Business Administration, the state of the art Anheuser Busch Hall. Please contact Kellye Tyler at ktyler@umsl.edu to check availability.

UMSL Business Student Clubs

We have over 20 student organizations that are associated with the College of Business Administration, such as the Accounting Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Beta Alpha PSi and many more. Find out more information about our clubs

student speaking with company rep

Company Briefing

Hold an information session to educate UMSL Business students about your company, it's culture, it people, recruiting efforts and internship and career opportunities.

Interview Forums

Your company can hold on-campus or online interviews with UMSL Business students. 

Participate in a Career Conference

Two UMSL Business Student Clubs put on career conferences throughout the year. The conferences have two different focuses: International Business and Finance.

Learn more about the International Business Career Conference.

Learn more about the Finance Career Conference.

Dinner with 12 Tritons

Dinner with 12 Tritons brings students and your company together over a meal.

Are you an Alumni? We have Dinner with 12 Tritons with our Alumni. Learn more. 

Host onsite corporate visits

Bring students to experience your company campus.