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Ready to Graduate?

Don't miss commencement, please be sure to read the following information thoroughly to apply for graduation. Remember to apply one year prior to your intended graduation date and follow the specified deadlines for a successful graduation.

How to apply for graduation in the College of Business Administration:

Step 1.) Log in to MyView and click on the "Online Application to Graduate."

Step 2.) Complete the application form accurately.

Step 3.) Choose to exclude your name from the commencement program if you have a FERPA restriction hold.

Step 4.) Review your name, address, and make any minor changes to your degree name.

Step 5.) Submit the application before the deadline for your intended graduation date.

  • October 1 for Fall Graduates
  • March 1 for Spring Graduates
  • June 1 for Summer Graduates. It is recommended that students who would like to participate in the May ceremony apply by March 1.

Step 6.) Schedule an “I am Ready to Graduate” appointment with your advisor in MyConnect or contact the office to discuss any remaining requirements with your advisor.

Step 7.) Visit UMSL Commencement FAQs | UMSL for additional information.

Congratulations on your achievement!