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Undergraduate Suspension Process

Please be sure to read the information thoroughly to understand the suspension process and steps to appeal.

Guidelines for Appealing Academic Suspensions in the College of Business Administration (Appealing suspension action, Fall 2023)

Start the Appeal Process 
To begin the appeal process against an academic suspension, students are required to schedule a meeting with the Academic Suspension Appeals Team of the College of Business Administration. Available dates for these appointments are Monday, January 8; Tuesday, January 9; or Wednesday, January 10. Students should select their preferred appointment time by completing the COBA ACADEMIC SUSPENSION APPEAL FORM 2024. 

Preparing for Your Appeal 
Before the meeting, students must prepare a Suspension Appeals Letter, detailing the reasons for their suspension and their plan to improve academically. This letter will remain confidential and will be used by the committee solely for the purpose of the appeal evaluation.  

Format of the Hearing 
Appeal hearings can be conducted through Zoom or in-person, and students are expected to maintain a professional manner throughout. Post-hearing, the committee will review the case, considering the Suspension Appeals Letter, discussions from the hearing, and advice from the student's academic advisor.  

Post-Hearing Steps 
In the case of a positive decision by the committee, the appeal will advance to the Academic Affairs office for final review. Students will be notified of the decision via their UMSL email account, including a detailed contract listing approved courses and any other requirements for the following semester, if reinstated. If the appeal is denied, students will receive a formal notification via email, along with directions and recommendations for their time away from the university.  

Financial Aid Considerations 
Students who have previously received financial aid should consult with the Office of Student Financial Services to understand how an academic suspension might affect their financial aid status. 

Starting the Appeals Process 
To initiate the appeal, students should:   
  1. Collect all relevant supporting documents.   
  2. Complete the COBA ACADEMIC SUSPENSION APPEAL FORM 2024 at least 24 hours before their appeals hearing. 
  3. Select appointment preferred date and time in the CoBA Academic Appeal form. 

Need Assistance? 
For any questions or additional information, students can contact the College of Business Administration Advising Office at (314) 516-5888 or business@umsl.edu. 

Other Options After Suspension 
Students who choose not to appeal their academic suspension for this upcoming semester may re-apply after completing the one-year suspension period. To be considered for readmission at the university, they must successfully complete at least one semester at an accredited post-secondary institution during their time away from the university.