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Undergraduate Program and Course Information

Supply Chain Management Emphasis

The Supply Chain Management emphasis is an option in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Degree.  The study of supply chain management focuses on the whole supply chain from acquisition of raw materials, through production or service delivery, to distribution to the end consumer. As a supply chain student you will learn the essential role of supply chains and analytical decision-making in any organization, and the data-driven techniques necessary for successful supply chain management in practice.

Two Supply Chain & Analytics courses are required for the BSBA:

Course Course Name
SCMA 3300 Business Analytics and Statistics
SCMA 3301 Introduction to Supply Chain Management

A minimum of four elective courses (12 hours) beyond the core are required for an emphasis in Supply Chain Management. (A maximum of 24 hours within the 120 hour degree program can be Supply Chain & Analytics electives.)

This includes: 

Course Course Name
SCMA 3320 Advanced Supply Chain and Operations Management
and three elective courses (9 hours) selected from the following courses:
SCMA 3321 Procurement
SCMA 3345 Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
SCMA 3370/MKTG 3770 Introduction to Transportation
SCMA 3371/MKTG 3771 Traffic and Transportation Management
SCMA 3376/MKTG 3776 Transportation Security and Risk
SCMA 3390 Internship in Supply Chain and Analytics
SCMA 3398 Seminar in Supply Chain Management and Analytics
SCMA 3399 Independent Study in Supply Chain and Analytics
SCMA 4322 Lean Production in Manufacturing and Service Operations
SCMA 4325 Environmental Sustainability in Business Operations
SCMA 4330 Business Logistics Systems
SCMA 4331 Applied Supply Chain Modeling
SCMA 4347 Introduction to Project Management
SCMA 4350 Management Science Methods
SCMA 4381 Global Supply Chain Management
SCMA 4389 Supply Chain Management Practicum
SCMA 4398 Advanced Topics in Supply Chain and Analytics
At most one of the following courses may be counted toward the Supply Chain Management, emphasis area:
SCMA 3390 Internship in Supply Chain and Analytics
SCMA 4389 Supply Chain Management Practicum