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nicholas sylvia, Social Media Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev

"The hands-on digital classes at UMSL prepared me for what the real world of marketing is like in my career. I was able to own real projects from mapping out websites to creating full content calendars. That got me ready for the challenges I was faced with when I started at Anheuser-Busch."

- Nicholas Sylvia, Social Media Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev.
Graduated 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.

"As a working professional, the Digital Marketing Certificate program at UMSL did not just enable me to obtain my MBA and strengthen my resume, but it also equipped me with the tools to start my own consulting business. Having been given a chance to lead a Digital Marketing Lab while earning my MBA was the perfect way to deepen my marketing knowledge. Another reason why I know I made the right choice in seeking The Digital Marketing Certificate at UMSL, was the quality and relevance of the seminar "boot-camp" classes they offer. The professionals who teach these classes focus on exposing you to the real world and helping you expand your professional network. The seminars introduced me to some of the most qualified people in the  field-- some of whom work for great companies like Google, Buzzfeed, and Facebook.  I Highly recommend the program!"

-Annie J. Mbale, Digital Marketing Strategist.
Graduated with a Master's in Business Administration and Digital Marketing Certificate in 2019. Earned a Bachelor of Science in International Business & Marketing, with a minor in Political Science and Honors College Certificate in 2017

-Annie J. Mbale, Digital Marketing Strategist.

Gabrielle Buck, Account Manager at Amplify Goods.

"UMSL's Marketing Department played a significant part in my journey by equipping me with the education and tools I needed to jumpstart my career. The professors I had were unlike any other teachers I have had in my life. They genuinely care about where you are headed as a student and what goals you want to achieve and they help you get there, even after your time at UMSL. I worked so hard to graduate debt free from college and wouldn't have made it without the scholarship I earned in my final semester at UMSL. Without the connections and education I acquired in the Marketing Department, I would not have been able to land the job that I love and have thrived in since graduation."

- Gabrielle Buck, Account Manager at Amplify Goods.
Graduated 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, an emphasis in Marketing, and a Minor in Social Media Marketing.