Spring 2022 Syllabi

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BUS AD 2900: Legal Environment of Business

  BUS AD 5900: Law, Ethics and Business

  • Costello

FINANCE 3500: Financial Management

FINANCE 3520: Investments

FINANCE 3521: Financial Engineering: Applying Derivatives

FINANCE 3525: Practicum in Investments

FINANCE 3541: Commercial Bank Management

FINANCE 3542: Principles Of Real Estate

FINANCE 3561: Principles of Insurance

  • Griffey

FINANCE 3562: Life Insurance and Employee Benefits

  • Griffey

FINANCE 3563: Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits

FINANCE 3564: Estate and Trust Planning

FINANCE 3574: AI Applications in Finance

FINANCE 3576: Blockchain in Business

FINANCE 3580: International Corporate Finance

FINANCE 3582: International Investments

FINANCE 3585: Business in China

FINANCE 6500: Financial Management

FINANCE 6520: Security Analysis

FINANCE 6521: Financial Forensics: The Science of Derivatives

FINANCE 6541: Commercial Bank Management

FINANCE 6542: Real Estate

FINANCE 6574: AI and ML in Finance

FINANCE 6576: Blockchain: Applications in Finance

FINANCE 6580: International Financial Management

FINANCE 6581: Seminar in International Investments

INTL BUS 3285: Role of the Global Corporation

  • Costello