The Student Investment Trust (SIT) is a UMSL student organization, which allows all students (even outside the College of Business Administration) to participate. Students may join the club for credit by taking FIN 3525 (Practicum in Investments) that requires FIN3500 (Financial Management) as a prerequisite. Students can take it for one credit hour per semester for up to three semesters.

Currently, SIT has a real-money portfolio of over $500,000 in stocks and ETFs. Throughout the course and SIT activities, students familiarize themselves with various investment strategies through class presentations, leading to buying or selling given securities. Some students may have experience buying and selling stocks; others may not, so there are opportunities to learn and expand the knowledge of market investments. The SIT makes several $500 awards to students annually based on the returns on its portfolio.

UMSL Student Investment Trust Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Hainan Sheng, CFA