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BSBA, Finance Emphasis: Investment and Portfolio Management Track

Each year, billions of dollars flow into retirement plans and mutual funds.  These funds, in turn, are invested in securities markets worldwide to provide the owners the best returns given their risk thresholds.  Professional portfolio managers have the responsibility of meeting investor goals subject to rapidly changing market conditions. This track prepares students for a challenging career in investment management. Students must complete five courses from the list below.

  • ACCTNG 3401: Financial Accounting & Reporting 1
  • ACCTNG 3402: Financial Accounting & Reporting 2
  • FINANCE 3503: Computer Applications in Finance
  • FINANCE 3520: Investments
  • FINANCE 3521: Financial Engineering— Applying Derivatives
  • FINANCE 3523: Fixed Income Analysis
  • FINANCE 3524: Advanced Investment Management
  • FINANCE 3525: Practicum in Investments
  • FINANCE 3540: Introduction to Financial Institutions and Financial Markets
  • FINANCE 3582: International Investments
  • FINANCE 3570: Essentials of Fintech
  • FINANCE 3572: Financial Data Programming
  • FINANCE 3574: Artificial Intelligence Applications in Finance
  • FINANCE 3576: Blockchain in Business

Students who are interested in taking the CFA exam should consult: https://www.cfasociety.org/stlouis/.