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BSBA, Finance Emphasis: Financial Technology Track

Fintech (financial technology) revisits financial disciplines as a rapidly evolving field, including corporate finance, financial markets, financial institutions, investments, real estate, and derivatives using a common thread of technology. This track introduces students to the major areas of fintech, including blockchain, cryptocurrencies, fintech credit, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural network, robo Advisers, and algorithmic trading. It provides students with the foundation for the nexus of finance, technology, and regulation in the financial industry. Students must complete the first two required courses and three additional courses in the list below.

  • FINANCE 3503: Computer Applications in Finance
  • FINANCE 3520: Investments
  • FINANCE 3521: Financial Engineering: Applying Derivatives
  • FINANCE 3524: Advanced Investment Management
  • FINANCE 3570: Essentials of Fintech*
  • FINANCE 3572: Financial Data Programming
  • FINANCE 3574: Artificial Intelligence Applications in Finance
  • FINANCE 3576: Blockchain in Business*