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Positive change happens with investment.

The UMSL Anchor Accelerator is a first-of-its kind program that puts underrepresented entrepreneurs at the center of a purpose-driven, university-led accelerator that begins with a non-dilutive $50,000 capital injection. 

300 startups applied. Meet the 5 startups that were selected: 


Rachel Burns


Bold Spoon Creamery

Rachel Burns

Bold Spoon makes small batch premium ice cream focusing on unique flavor profiles using farm-fresh ingredients. Some of our flavors stay on our menu year-round such as Goat Cheese & Fig and Salted Chocolate, and others change with the local harvest season such as Garden Mint and Pumpkin Chai. You can find Bold Spoon ice cream at 90+ grocery stores throughout Missouri and Illinois, as well as CITYPark stadium and Enterprise Center.

Rachel.Burns@boldspooncreamery.com | https://boldspooncreamery.com



Pat Upchurch

Patty’s Cheesecake

Pat Upchurch

Looking for something a little different, a unique dessert for your upcoming party, meeting, wedding, event, or just for two? Patty's Cheesecakes specializes in Petite Cheesecakes, inspired by the founder's Grandmother's recipe. These miniature cheesecakes are beautifully packaged and come in traditional and non-traditional flavors. Currently located at the City Foundry in St. Louis, MO, they cater events, weddings, and supply cheesecakes to local grocery stores and restaurants.

pat@pattyscheesecakes.com | https://pattyscheesecakes.comm



Shani Bennett


Shani Bennett

We alleviate the challenge of managing 24/7 customer interactions and administrative tasks. Solopreneurs struggle with being available at all hours for appointments, inquiries, and follow-ups, while also needing to focus on their core services. Our 24/7 digital agent handles these time-consuming tasks efficiently, ensuring no missed opportunities for client engagement and sales, and freeing the solopreneurs to concentrate on their passion and business growth without the added stress and cost of hiring staff.

shani@figozo.com, | https://figozo.com 



Denise Williams

Real Document Solutions

Denise Williams

Real Document Solutions - RDS, a SaaS (Software as a Service) solves for speed, accuracy and risks in key document management with a secure, end-to-end order and vendor management platform. Companies engaged in document research can rely on RDS, the first in Search Production Software(™). 

Unlike others, RDS delivers ‘Amazon-like’ speed and ‘Domino’s app’ visibility; all at a reasonable cost. Typical ROIs are 3-6 months with documented efficiency improvements of 30% over legacy methods.

denise@rdsteam.us | https://realdocs.us/



Kwamane Liddell

ThriveLink (formerly Nutrible)

Kwamane Liddell

ThriveLink, powered by cutting-edge voice activation technology, is the bridge to vital resources that millions need. We make it effortless for individuals to access essential programs like health insurance, food assistance, and more using just their voice. Imagine the impact when you remove barriers to access, especially for the 130 million adults with literacy challenges and 100 million aging individuals facing physical barriers. ThriveLink doesn’t just simplify enrollment; it transforms lives, promotes health equity, and enrolls new members into health plans and saves health systems and plans billions in unnecessary expenses. Join us in revolutionizing resource accessibility and improving health outcomes for all.

kwamane@nutrible.org | https://thrivelink.ai/



This accelerator would not have been possible without the anonymous support of friends and the public commitment of Kauffman Foundation and Edward Jones:


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