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EIC Anchor Accelerator

Anchor Accelerator 4th Cohort

Positive change happens with investment.

The UMSL Anchor Accelerator is a first-of-its kind program that puts underrepresented entrepreneurs at the center of a purpose-driven, university-led accelerator that begins with a non-dilutive $50,000 capital injection. This accelerator would not be possible over the years without the anonymous support of friends and the public commitment of Ameren Corporation, Edward Jones, Anheuser Busch Foundation, MTC and Kauffman Foundation:

Sponsors of Cohort 4 Anchor Accelerator

We are looking for the best and brightest underrepresented entrepreneurs with creative solutions, technologies, and business models for improving the region's economic disparities.

"Our vision calls us to be a beacon of hope and a force for good. By applying an entrepreneurial mindset and creating action, we assist in transforming lives and creating better outcomes." — Dr. Kristin Sobolik, Chancellor at the University of Missouri - St. Louis


Our vision is a Greater St. Louis where ALL entrepreneurs have equal access to developing and growing businesses, resulting in job growth, wealth creation, and community improvement throughout the region. 


We aim to promote inclusion of underrepresented groups in the St. Louis startup ecosystem by empowering diverse founders from our anchored communities. We believe that empowerment begins with capital, followed by instruction and mentorship. We succeed by:

  • Providing non-dilutive capital to underestimated startup founders;

  • Leading a best-in-class business development program that facilitates access to networks, mentors, subject matter experts, and customized educational support; and

  • Leveraging University of Missouri - St. Louis resources such as paid student interns, active alumni, and engaged faculty to amplify startups with further research, grant applications, and guidance.