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UMSL has been a catalyst for transforming lives in the Saint Louis region since 1963. As a result, UMSL has over 103,000 alumni around the globe. Thousands of UMSL alumni have started businesses that are employing hundreds of thousands in our region and around the world. Creating UMSL Accelerate Entrepreneur of the Year Awards is the direct result of Peter A. Racen’s (1980) conviction that communities can be changed and positively impacted through nurturing and accelerating the creation of businesses.

The purpose of the award is to recognize UMSL alumni, students, faculty, staff, and advocates who are impacting our community and the world around us through outstanding entrepreneurial achievement. In addition, we want to inspire the award recipients and nominees to advance the UMSL Accelerate’s vision and mission.


The vision of UMSL Accelerate is to serve as a catalyst for developing our students, faculty and community to inspire entrepreneurship and innovation.


The mission of UMSL Accelerate is to foster a community of thought leaders by providing a vibrant ecosystem to  EducateInnovate, and  Collaborate.

To celebrate this effort and good works, UMSL Accelerate Entrepreneur of the Year Awards recognizes contributions made by the following:

  1. An UMSL student entrepreneur,
  2. An entrepreneur advocate,
  3. A social entrepreneur,
  4. An UMSL entrepreneur with a lifetime of achievements, and
  5. An entrepreneur with tremendous successes during the last year.


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UMSL Accelerate Entrepreneur of the Year Awards was established by Peter A. Racen in 2020 to promote entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit through recognition of innovators who are entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, or those who have been advocates of entrepreneurship. Each year, top achievers who best exemplify the spirit and mindset of entrepreneurship will considered for the award.


The most competitive nominees will demonstrate the best traits of entrepreneurship such as passion, integrity, drive, a strong network, self-starter, strong work ethic, people skills, perseverance, competitive spirit, business creativity, determination, discipline, and the art of being a mensch. Additionally, the most competitive nominees will both go-getters and a go-givers.