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Welcome to Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

The UMSL Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (UMSL EIC) is a place-based educational community of students, faculty and businesses who see the world through a lens of opportunity.

At UMSL EIC, forward-thinking students, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial rising stars, subject matter experts, faculty, alumni and stakeholders work together to inspire thought leadership and innovation through education, experiential learning, and shared space. By catalyzing organic connections, embracing a growth mindset, and fostering a vibrant, sustainable ecosystem, we’re taking the St. Louis Region further, faster, together.

UMSL EIC prepares courageous changemakers and visionaries to realize their dreams through grit, skill building, traditional education, experiential learning, and shared space. Our faculty, alumni and community partners work closely with students, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs to advance their individual self-improvement goals and ideate new ways to solve local and global problems and help each other move boldly.

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UMSL EIC is dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship through accessible learning styles and formats designed to fit every individual’s unique needs:

  • UMSL EIC is where the best and brightest learn to embrace a growth mindset and think big, aiming not just to succeed as individuals but to catalyze large-scale transformation that improves our world.

  • The UMSL EIC student journey uses in classroom and out of classroom education and real-world experience to offer valuable insight into the world of business. Students play a direct role in helping to accelerate local wealth generation and community development.

  • UMSL EIC supports entrepreneurs  and intrapreneurs through accelerator programs, investment, mentorship, non-traditional education formats, organic connections, and paid student interns. 

  • UMSL EIC’s place-based model catalyzes meaningful connections and advances economic and community development through relationship building and resource sharing.