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Each founder will have an opportunity to network, learn, and grow by working with our entrepreneurs-in-residence, lead mentors, and subject matter experts.

Lead Mentors

Throughout the cohort, lead mentors act as accountability coaches and help guide founders to maximize this experience.

Prior to the cohort, we will host an event during which each founder will pitch their business, each mentor will shared their experiences, and we will facilitate additional opportunities for founders and mentors to get to know one another. Afterward, both founders and mentors will rank their preferences, and we will match up founders and mentors accordingly.

2024 Mentors and Founders

Subject Matter Experts

We have grown a deep bench of successful UMSL alumni and community leaders who will meet with founders, share their experiences, and determine if there are opportunities to connect founders with larger networks or advise founders on specific areas of expertise. 

If you would be interested in serving as a lead mentor or subject matter expert for the founders, please contact us.