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To serve as a catalyst for developing our students, faculty and community to inspire entrepreneurship and innovation.


To foster a community of thought leaders by providing a vibrant ecosystem to Educate, Innovate, and Collaborate.

Educate : We offer advanced curriculum, expertise, mentorship, and experiences. Our evolving curriculum focuses on design thinking and innovation systems to develop insightful leaders with skills to bring ideas to market, start and grow new endeavors and solve problems creatively.

Innovate : We inspire a culture of innovation and support groundbreaking research. Our co-curricular activities are designed to encourage students, faculty and community engagement to the region's growing ecosystem of entrepreneurial resources, focusing on real world applications, training and opportunities.

Collaborate : We accelerate development of innovative initiatives across disciplines. Our accelerators partner with existing organizations to bring technologies and founder companies to market through collaboration, capital formation and mentorship. Accelerate empowers UMSL students with confidence to become innovative and productive members of a team. Students graduate with real-life experience in transforming ideas into actions and products that generate social, cultural, and economic value. Engaging with resources outside of academia, graduates are ready to successfully approach real-life issues. Accelerate enhances campus recruiting by offering students cutting-edge real-life opportunities and experiences, transforming ideas that generate value: social, cultural, or economic. Collaboration with off-campus partners furthers UMSL’s mission to engage in and contribute to the St. Louis and surrounding communities.