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The Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Education (CEEE) at UMSL addresses the vital need for economic literacy by contributing to the understanding of economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship through education and outreach to children and adults.

CEEE serves to inspire, inform, and equip. CEEE is a leading source of training, resources, information, and activities for educators, students, social service providers, other professionals, and the general public. For more than 30 years, CEEE has offered credit and noncredit programs, produced creative educational resources, and engaged in economic and educational research.

To fulfill its mission, CEEE offers:
The Center is affiliated with the Missouri Council on Economic Education and the national Council for Economic Education.


The Center for Entrepreneurship & Economic Education offers several conferences and events.

Credit Courses



For specific information, please go to the online Catalog.

"I am really learning a lot in the course about financial planning and money management. I want to say that the information I learned from the credit report was very valuable. Before taking the course, I didn't have any knowledge about how to check my credit report or open an IRA. This Monday I opened my first Money Market IRA account and paid off a debt. My plan for now is to deposit 25 dollars from every paycheck into my IRA account. I feel so good about this, and I am thankful for this class." -Stephanie Taylor, ECON 1005, Family Economics and Household Development student

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