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Beyond the Classroom

Opportunities for undergraduates to do research, be interns, and develop creative projects!

UMSL provides many opportunities for undergraduates to participate in exciting activities outside the classroom that can enrich their learning and professional development in conducting research, participating in internships, and designing and developing creative projects.  Click on the links below to find out more!

Research opportunities are available for undergraduate students across disciplines. Labs and microscopes, surveys and public opinion, libraries and texts, campaigns and interventions, there are dozens of types of research to be found at UMSL! Click here to go to the student research page to learn more.
Internships or practica are temporary work experiences outside the university classrooms at K-12 schools, companies, hospitals, and public agency in students’ discipline areas. The internships provide students opportunity to draw upon the theories and practice skills they have learned in the classroom and implement them to the internship or practicum sites. To learn more about the opportunites for internships and to see if your department offers such opportunities for you at the undergraduate level, visit the internship page of our website. 
Creative projects are original and imaginative contributions of the artistic mind; playing with new ideas, creating artworks and other forms of cultural expression. UMSL has many world-renowned artists, musicians, actors, poets, etc. who focus primarily on developing creative projects. Many of these faculty mentor and nurture UMSL’s undergraduate students. To find out more about how you can contribute with a creative project during your time at UMSL, visit the creative projects section found here.