What is “bITS”?  bITS is an acronym for basic Information Technology Services.  It is the fee assessed for access to the basic services Information Technology Services provides to the campus community.

Why bITS?  bITS was created out of the need to provide universal computer coverage for faculty and staff to ensure they have supportable and secure systems and to address the perceived unfairness in previous billing models.

How does it work?  ITS identified services provided, costs per service, who uses those services, and a corresponding cost per faculty, staff and student with the following assumptions:

Departments will be billed annually for the bITS fee for the employees within their department.  Employees identified as benefit-eligible (75% FTE or greater) will receive a base desktop computer to be replaced every four years and a phone.  The bITS fee for employees identified as non-benefit-eligible or in a job title with a Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code that would indicate light-use of technology will be discounted by the cost of the base desktop computer spread over four years. 

What are the benefits of bITS?