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ACUE Lunch and Learn Series: Open to All Members of Our Teaching Community

Almost 50 faculty at UMSL were selected to participate in ACUE's "Effective Online Teaching Practices" year-long program that wrapped up in April 2021. Faculty participants from last year's program will host monthly Lunch and Learn meetings in 2021-2022 to share what they found to be successful in their courses. These monthly meetings are open to all UMSL faculty, staff, and graduate students to learn more about the innovative work of our colleagues.

The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) "Effective Online Teaching Practices" program provided faculty with an opportunity to learn evidenced-based teaching strategies, apply, and reflect on what they have learned. We have been featuring faculty from the program who employ practices from the program in our CTL newsletters over this past year. Please check out past issues to learn from the creativity of your colleagues.

You will have the opportunity to continue to learn from and with your colleagues through a virtual Lunch and Learn Series where ACUE credentialed faculty will share strategies that have been successful in their courses and then host discussions about how you can employ those strategies in your own context. All members of the UMSL community (faculty, staff, graduate students) are welcome to attend.

If you have any questions please reach out to CTL Assistant Director Erin Whitteck (elwbcf@umsl.edu). 

You can register for the Fall ACUE Lunch and Learn Series here.


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