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“Being able to inspire students and help them realize that while the course might be tough it does not mean it is impossible! Also, getting to work closely with professors and students makes me think of new ways to approach content and it helps me improve my learning skills while helping students.” - Jason Martin, Summer 2021

“The most rewarding part of my job has been hearing feedback from students that they seem to actually be grasping the information better. I also quite enjoyed just developing a greater command of the material and building a foundation that could be beneficial to not just me, but my hypothetical future semester(s) at teaching others.” - Nick Black, Summer 2021

“We discussed relevant topics to the materials presented in class and projects. Questions were always welcome and encouraged. The SI leader provided good advice and helped me understand the material in a down-to-earth and approachable manner. I looked forward to attending the SI sessions because it allowed me to connect to other students while taking a virtual/online class.” -SI participant, Summer 2021

SI “made me feel more comfortable to ask questions in class, so then going into exams and working on other assignments I was more confident in myself and my performance.” -SI participant, Summer 2021

“I very much enjoyed taking the class a second time and learning more.  I enjoyed engaging with the students and helping them when they needed it.  It was great to see that "aha" moment!” - Jenn Tucker, Spring 2021

“The most rewarding part has been connecting with the students, in class and during office hours. While I didn't get to meet with everyone, some of the students and I had great conversations about class content but also life experiences (like talking about what it's like studying abroad) and the stress of this year.” - Emma Fore, Spring 2021

“The most rewarding part has been seeing true change within the students I got to know and work with the entire semester. We got to know each other and I learned so much from them. I was able to listen to their concerns and communicate those with [the professor]. I very much felt appreciated and needed this semester. The students who did attend the zoom classes were more engaged and asked good questions. That made me very happy to see.” - Sara Hegger, Spring 2021

The ALA “was always available and willing to help. I enjoy...our ALA because they were still in their undergrad as me so they could relate to myself and my classmates. They had a good impact on my grade because they were willing to help whenever needed.” ALA participant, Spring 2021

“The ALA was a huge help because I was able to share my work for review and they provided helpful feedback. I think it has helped me realize I am not alone in this class and that when I need help there is someone willing to help me.” ALA participant, Spring 2021


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