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Pre-Departure Information (for accepted participants)


Next steps for preparing for your study abroad program:
Congratulations on being accepted to study abroad! This page will help you keep track of what you still need to do. Be sure to check your email regularly for messages from your study abroad coordinator regarding payment deadlines or other information. Students who are prepared for their trip are more likely to enjoy their experiences abroad and fulfill their personal and academic goals while staying healthy and safe.

Checklist for Accepted Students 

  1. If you haven't already done so, you need to apply for a passport. For your convenience, you can now apply on campus! (Passport office at UMSL)
  2. Submit all required forms to the Study Abroad Office
  3. Attend online and in-person pre-departure orientation
  4. Make travel and housing arrangements, if necessary
  5. Purchase the mandatory HTH insurance (except for participants in faculty-led programs)
  6. Register with FrontierMEDEX
  7. Apply for a visa, if required for your program
  8. Purchase the International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
  9. Return Course Evaluation Form (for semester and academic year programs)

After you've been approved for study abroad by International Studies and Programs, there are several forms you need to complete and return. Click here to download the Program Acceptance Form, the Assumption of Risk and Release, and the Health Information Form. Please print, complete, sign, and return these forms to the Study Abroad Office, 261 MSC by the deadline
designated by your Study Abroad Coordinator.

If you are a UMSL student and using financial aid for your study abroad program, you must also complete the following forms and return them to Kristin Brown-Bass in the Financial Aid Office (327 MSC) Study abroad financial aid application materials.

Mandatory Predeparture Orientation

All UMSL students are REQUIRED to complete both online and in-person orientation sessions.

The online pre-departure orientation will include information on health and safety issues abroad, registration, financial aid, and cultural information. Log in to MyGateway and click on "Study Abroad Orientation" under My Organizations (this will be available to complete before the in-person orientation).

In addition, students must attend an in-person orientation session. There are several sessions, depending on your program. If you have any question about which session you should attend, please contact the Study Abroad Office.

General Pre-Departure Orientation:
This orientation is for students studying abroad on any program. The orientations are usually scheduled for a Friday afternoon in mid-April and mid-November.

Read the Pre-Departure Handbook.You can also access it through the Study Abroad Organization on MyGateway. Every student will receive a copy of the handbook at orientation.

For most programs, you will need to secure and purchase your own airfare. There are many discounted airfares available for students, so be sure to shop around.

STA Travel
Student Universe
Amnet (travel agent for Japan and other Asian countries. Chicago office: 1-800-933-9006)

You should research fares online for comparison, then it may be helpful to call to make your reservation. Be sure to ask about change fees, cancellation policy, and change options (i.e.; can you change your departure date to return to St. Louis? How much will it cost? What is the likelihood of being able to change it?)

Other Useful Airfare Tips

  • Reserve flights as early as possible to take advantage of advanced purchased fares.
  • Watch for specifications, restrictions, and cancellation penalties.
  • Consider trip cancellation insurance if you have any doubts as to your plans.
  • Try to travel during low season for the best fares. Keep high season cut-off dates in mind when making plans (approx. 15 June to 15 August)
  • Consider "open-jaw" flights into one city and out of another. If you will be doing a lot of traveling once you arrive, it might save you considerable on-land travel time and expense to arrange a return flight from a different city.
  • If you are considering buying an open-ended return flight, BE SURE to book a return date as soon as possible. You will have trouble getting a seat in the busy travel season at the end of the term when so many others are flying. Also, some countries may not let you have an open-ended ticket for immigration purposes. They want to know that you will actually be leaving. Check on the immigration policies of your destination.
Mandatory Sickness & Accident Insurance

Health Insurance Requirement
In order to ensure that all study abroad participants enrolled at UMSL are fully covered by comprehensive health insurance while abroad, the University of Missouri requires all participants to purchase the mandatory University of Missouri-St. Louis Study Abroad Student Accident and Sickness Insurance administered by HTH Worldwide. The cost of the policy is approximately $35 per month.

The fee for HTH Insurance is included in the program fee for faculty-led programs only. Therefore, students participating in these programs will be enrolled in the insurance plan automatically, and their coverage card will be mailed to the address on their study abroad applications. No further action is required by these participants.

Students on all other programs (exchange programs and non-UMSL programs) must enroll themselves in the insurance program. Students cannot register at UMSL, or receive financial aid and scholarships, until they have enrolled in the insurance program. Students must enroll by May 1 for summer and fall semesters, and by December 1 for spring semester.
To register, please follow these instructions.

In addition to providing comprehensive health insurance, HTH provides emergency travel medical insurance, including medical evacuation. HTH also has identified a network of doctors worldwide who will provide treatment and file claims on your behalf without requiring payment at the time of treatment. Prior to departure for study abroad, HTH assists students in establishing treatment for on-going medical conditions while abroad (including doctor visits and continuing medications). For a brief summary of the features and benefits of the UM Study Abroad Insurance plan, please see the HTH Policy Brochure for 2014-2015.

All HTH Worldwide members are eligible for Global Health and Safety Services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All it takes to access these services is an email or phone call to HTH Worldwide or a few clicks on View this flyer as a reminder of what HTH can do for you.

After you have enrolled in the UM Study Abroad Insurance plan and received your Medical Insurance ID card from HTH Worldwide, visit: Using the certificate number of the front of the card, sign in to the site to obtain comprehensive information relating to this plan, including a doctor locator, city health profiles and translations of medical terms and phrases. Your family can access this same information by logging in to: They will need your insurance ID card number or your e-mail address in order to sign in.




In an ongoing commitment to your personal safety, the University of Missouri has partnered with FrontierMEDEX, a leading provider of international travel assistance services. FrontierMEDEX provides 24-hour security-related assistance services to you while traveling 100 miles or more away from home or outside of your home country.
Please note this IS NOT medical insurance. HTH Worldwide provides your medical insurance, FrontierMEDEX provides emergency security services as described below.

Register Online
All study abroad students must register online with the Member Center. There is no charge to register. While registration is not required to use the emergency assistance services, you will be able to take advantage of a wide array of additional traveler assistance services that FrontierMEDEX has to offer. Examples include obtaining pre-travel reports, safety and health information, and real-time medical and security intelligence.

1. Visit
2. Click on the menu icon and then click on "Member Log-in"
3. Click on "Global Intelligernce Center"
4. Under "Log In," click on "Create User"
5. In the Policy Number space, enter The Curators of The University of Missouri's FrontierMEDEX ID Number (330321).
6. Accept the User Agreement and click "Next".
7. Enter in your personal account information to designate yourself a unique username and password, and then click "Register Now".

FrontierMEDEX 2014-2015 ID Card
FrontierMEDEX Policy Description
FrontierMEDEX Medical & Security
FrontierMEDEX Security Service
FrontierMEDEX Natural Disaster Service

FrontierMEDEX Services Available

  • Real Time Security Intelligence - This state-of-the-art technological platform allows FrontierMEDEX to deliver real-time alerts for any incidents that require emergency action and those that may impact life or travel. Alerts are delivered through a variety of communication means including any text-enabled device.
  • Security Evacuation Services - In the event of an emergency security situation, FrontierMEDEX will make all possible efforts to arrange for and will pay for your evacuation. If evacuation becomes impractical due to hostile or dangerous conditions, FrontierMEDEX will maintain contact with you and provide advice until evacuation becomes viable or the emergency security situation has passed.
  • Political Evacuation Services - In the event the officials of your home country issue a written recommendation that you should leave your host country for non-medical reasons, or if you are expelled or declared "persona non grata" on the written authority of your host country, FrontierMEDEX will make all possible effort to arrange for and will pay for your evacuation from an international airport or other safe departure point.
  • Transportation After Security of Political Evacuation - Following a security or political evacuation and when safety allows, FrontierMEDEX will coordinate and pay for one-way economy airfare to return you to either your home or host country.

How to use your FrontierMEDEX SECURE benefit:
Always carry the FrontierMEDEX ID card with you while traveling. If you have a security travel problem, call FrontierMEDEX by using the phone numbers listed on the back of your ID card. Call the toll-free number for the country where you are traveling. If you are in a country not listed, call the Baltimore, Maryland, Emergency Response Center collect (1-410-453-6330). A coordinator will ask your name, your University name, FrontierMEDEX ID number (330321) and a description of the situation. A multilingual coordinator will immediately render whatever assistance is necessary and will monitor your case until the situation is resolved.

Semester Programs
Almost all students participating on a semester/year program require a student visa. Visa regulations and requirements change frequently. It is YOUR responsibility to research the visa requirements and apply for one; the UMSL Study Abroad Office cannot advise you on these procedures. To find out the application procedures, visit the embassy or consulate for the country where you will study (example: student studying in France would visit the website for the French Consulate in Chicago). You will need the acceptance letter from your host university, along with financial support materials, passport size photos, etc. for your application. Sometimes you must apply in person at the Chicago office.

Summer Programs
Most summer programs do NOT require a visa for US citizens. Exceptions to this include: China, Jordan, ESSCA in France, internship in London. If you are participating in a non-UMSL program, it is your responsibility to find out if your host country requires a visa.

ISIC is the only internationally accepted student ID card and proof of current student status in existence. UMSL recommends that all study abroad students purchase this card. More than an ID card, it also offers:

  • Discounts to more than 33,000 locations in 103 countries
  • Mobile phone and a calling card communications package
  • Insurance plan
  • Emergency help line

Complete details on the benefits can be found on the ISIC website:

The ISIC card costs $25. Application forms are available here:
Office of International Studies and Programs in 366 SSB

Please bring:

  • $25 payment (check payable to UMSL or cash in the exact amount)
  • two passport-size photos
  • proof of birthdate (driver's license, birth certificate, or passport)
  • proof of student status (school ID, enrollment letter, or current transcript)


Course evaluation form Follow the instructions on this form for semester programs to have your classes evaluated for UMSL equivalencies. This form is due Dec. 1 for Winter semester and May 1 for Summer programs and Fall semester.