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Recent Ph.D.'s

Adam D. Scott
"Speciation Dynamics of an Agent-Based Evolution Model in Phenotype Space"Advisor: Sonya Bahar

David Peaslee
"Characterization of Nano-Scaled Metal-Hydrides Confined in Nano-Porous Carbon Frameworks"Advisor: Eric Majzoub

Kristen Erickson
"Optical Spectroscopic Surveys of Two Star-Forming Regions"Advisor: Bruce Wilking

Glenn Carlson
"Handel's Maser-Soliton Theory of Ball Lightning"
Advisor: Peter Handel

Kari Anne Wojtkowski
"Characterization of Volatiles Associated With Young Stellar Objects"
Advisor: Erika Gibb

Kaushalya Premachandra
"Complex Scaling Behavior in Animal Foraging Patterns"
Advisor: Sonya Bahar

Timothy Hudson Mason
"First-Principles Studies of Complex Hydrides for Li-Ion Battery and Hydrogen Storage Applications"
Advisor: Eric Majzoub

Amanda Marie Truong
"Quantum 1/f Noise in Infrared Detectors and Scanning Tunneling Microscopes"
Advisor: Dr. Peter Handel

David Coss
"Weak Shear Study of Galaxy Clusters by Simulated Gravitational Lensing"
Advisor: Dr. Ricardo Flores

Daisuke Takeshita
"A Study of Synchronization of Nonlinear Oscillators: Application to Epileptic Seizures"
Advisor: Dr. Sonya Bahar

Nathan Daniel Dees
"The Role of Stochastic Resonance and Physical Constrains in the Evolution of Foraging Strategy"
Advisor: Dr. Sonya Bahar

Roxana Contreras
"Cognitive and Cellular Levels of Synchronization in the Central Nervous System"
Advisor: Dr. Sonya Bahar

Jinfeng Wang
"Characterization and Synthesis of Nanoscale Materials"
Advisor: Dr. Phil Fraundorf

Eric Mandell
"Characterization of Carbon Nanostructures in Electron Microscopy"
Advisor: Phil Fraundorf

Jorge Brea
"Analysis and Modeling of Stochastic Oscillations with Applications to Biology"
Advisor: Frank Moss

Minh Truong
"Superfield Calculation of Loop Contribution in Extra Dimensional Theories"
Advisor: Ta-Pei Cheng

Shaine Joseph
“Lens Design and Optimization Using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms”
Advisor: Vengu Lakshminarayanan

Adam Tournier
“Quantum 1/f Noise and the Resulting Phase Noise in High-Stability Resonant Sensors”
Advisor: Peter Handel

Joseph Baugh
"Probing the Classical/Quantal Boundary Using the Stark Effect"
Advisor: Jacob Leventhal

Zhongyu Zhang
"Search for Post-Starburst(E+A) Galaxies in the Cluster Abell 3266"
Advisor: Ricardo Flores

Bo He
"Probing Extra Dimensions By Lepton-Flavor Nonconserving Quantum Loop Effects"
Advisor: Ta-Pei Cheng

Gabor Balazsi
"Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Noisy Excitable Systems"
Advisor: Frank Moss

Srinivasa Varadharajan
"Wavelet Analysis of Electroretinograms and Its Clinical Application
Advisor: V. Lakshminarayanan

Wentao Qin
"Direct Space (Nano)crystallography via High-resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy"
Advisor: Phil Fraundorf

Kevin Dolan
"Analysis of Biological and Physical Systems Using Nonlinear Topological Methods"
Advisor: Frank Moss

Michael J. Way
"Spectroscopic Studies of Abell Clusters"
Advisor: Ricardo Flores

Chang Shen
"Lateral Displacement Maps Obtained From Scanning Probe Microscope Images"
Advisor: Phil Fraundorf

Lu Fei
"Instrument Response Function for Scanning Force Microscopy and Defects on Mica Induced by 50 Kilo-Electron-Volt Argon Ions"
Advisor: Phil Fraundorf

Lucio Mule'Stagno
"Quantitative Non-Destructive Study of Sub-Micron Defects in Very Large Integrated-Circuit Silicon Using Transmitted and Reflected Infrared Laser Scattering"
Advisor: Phil Fraundorf

Lucy He
"Photoionization of Laser Excited Barium"
Advisor: Jake Leventhal