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Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of Missouri, St. Louis

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  • Ph.D., Physics, Washington University, 2000
  • B.S., Physics, Washington University, 1993
Professional History
  • Professor, Physics and Astronomy, University of Missouri - St. Louis, 2015
  • Joint Appointment, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2013-present
  • Associate Director, Center for Nanoscience, 2011-present
  • Associate professor, University of Missouri, St. Louis, 2010-present
  • Assistant professor, University of Missouri, St. Louis, 2007
  • Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories, 2002
Materials Physics

The research focus in our group is on the study and design of new materials for energy storage and conversion, as well as sensing technologies.  We perform our research using the tools of condensed matter physics for the characterization and modeling of bulk and nano-crystalline materials.  We employ a combined experimental and computational approach, utilizing first-principles techniques to understand the electronic, mechanical, and thermodynamic properties of the materials we study.

Current research interests: hydrogen storage in complex hydrides; Li-ion anode materials; nanoporous frameworks for enhancing kinetics and controlling reaction pathways in energy storage materials; sensing devices, involving but not limited to, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS); Monte Carlo techniques for crystal structure prediction; crystal structure determination and characterization; lattice vibrational properties of molecular crystals; nanoporous materials; quasicrystals and amorphous materials

Our group specializes in novel crystal structure prediction techniques using advanced Monte Carlo codes. We have developed a very successful method for ionic compounds, using prototype electrostatic ground states, called the PEGS method.


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