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The Pierre Laclede Honors College is a small college with a liberal arts atmosphere inside a large public research university.

The Honors College is a certificate program that can be paired with any major without adding extra classes or extending time to graduate. Classes in the Honors College are seminar-style, meaning that they are based in reading, writing, discussion, and critical thinking. This unique class format fosters an intellectual climate centered around democracy, diversity, civility and academic excellence. Members of the Honors College are engaged with their peers in a close-knit community of students from all kinds of majors and backgrounds, creating an invaluable interdisciplinary educational experience.

A Liberal Arts Education

Honor education provides students the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary topics outside of their major in a student-driven, intellectual climate. Classes are seminar-style and emphasize critical thinking, writing, communication, and other skills that set Honors students apart from others in their fields.

Honors is for Everyone

The Honors College program works with all majors offered at UMSL. The Honors College offers programs for freshmen, transfer students, and students who are anywhere in-between. Plus, since Honors courses fulfill general education requirements for all majors, the Honors program does not take additional time to complete.

A Close-Knit Community

With a 13:1 student to faculty ratio, Honors students work closely with their peers and professors, creating friendships that last outside of the classroom. Furthermore, Honors students receive personalized academic advising along with a peer mentor through a first-year experience program.

Student Life

In addition to great academic opportunities, the Honors College offers a thriving social environment that includes participation in several unique social events such as a powdered paint war, underground dance party, and a haunted house ran by Honors students on Halloween!


All Honors students are eligible for exclusive merit-based and competitive scholarships through the Pierre Laclede Honors College. These scholarships are in addition to and stackable with any other scholarships that you receive from UMSL or other outside sources. Plus, there are no additional costs to be in the Honors College!

Preparation for the Future

The Honors curriculum culminates with a capstone course which allows students to meet one-on-one with a faculty member to work on resumes, CVs, cover letters, graduate school and job applications, mock interviews, and whatever else students may need for their future.

Independent Study

In addition to classes, students complete exciting independent studies such as undergraduate research, internships, practicums, and other types of hands-on projects to gain real-world, practical experience in their fields.

Admission Criteria

Students are considered for admission into the Honors College on a holistic basis. This includes ACT/SAT scores, GPA, class rank, and an interview. Regardless of academic background, all interested students are encouraged to apply!

How to Apply

Applying to Honors is easy! Please se the How to Apply page for more information on the application process for the Honors College.

Come Visit Us!

The Honors College is located in Provincial House on UMSL’s South Campus. Feel free to stop by or schedule a personalized visit. Or, attend an Honors Day, which is an informational session where students can learn more about Honors by talking with current students, faculty, and our admissions representative.
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