Welcome to the Honors College

To: The Honors College Faculty

From:  The Honors College Administrative Staff

Date:   August 1, 2015

  Welcome to the Pierre Laclede Honors College 2015 Fall Semester!  Below we are highlighting helpful guidelines for the upcoming semester.  Since the two of us work together on serving the needs of the office, we have marked who you can see for what needs you might have, but generally, we are both here to assist you!  

 The Administrative Staff:    

Sherry Gerrein – M-F 8:00-5:00 – 314-516-5243 or gerreins@umsl.edu

Pat Sanders – M-F 8:30-3:00 – 314-516-4890 or sanderspk@umsl.edu

 If you have a question not addressed above, please let us know.  We look forward to working with you this semester.  Again, welcome to the Honors College!