Welcome to the Honors College

To: The Honors College Faculty

From:  The Honors College Administrative Staff

Date:   August 1, 2013

 Welcome to the Pierre Laclede Honors College 2013 Fall Semester!  Below we are highlighting helpful guidelines for the upcoming semester.  Since the two of us work together on serving the needs of the office, we have marked who you can see for what needs you might have, but generally, we are both here to assist you!  

 The Administrative Staff:   

Sherry Gerrein – M-F 8:00-5:00 – 314-516-5243 or gerreins@umsl.edu

Pat Sanders – M-F 8:30-3:00 – 314-516-4890 or sanderspk@umsl.edu

  • Contract or Pay Issues:  If you have any questions regarding compensation, contracts, etc., please see Sherry.  As a reminder part-time salaries are paid as follows:  Fall, 4 equal pay periods; Spring, 5 equal pay periods. 
  • Offices and Office Hours:  We are attaching a form for contact information and office hours.  Please return this form to Sherry as soon as possible.  If you plan to hold office hours on the north campus, please make note of that on the form.  (If we already have a form on file for you, we will send a separate email to you requesting updates.) We have also attached a list of Office Assignments for full-time and part-time faculty.  If you need a key to your office, please see Sherry.  If you do not have an office in the Honors College, but would like a place for conferences with students, please see Nancy Gleason.  (Note:  you may have office mates, but their classes are scheduled for different times than yours.
  • Computers:  If the computer or printer in your office isn’t working properly, please ask us for assistance.  Any IT Service requests must be approved in advance by Nancy Gleason.  
  • Telephones:  An outgoing message has already been put on your office phone.  We can provide you with the password to access Voicemail on the phone in your office.  Please let us know if the password needs to be changed.  
  • Building Concerns:  In an effort to consolidate service requests, please let us know of any problems with your classroom or office (temperature control, water leaks, etc.) and we will contact facilities services.
  • Room Requests:  If you need to reserve a room other than your regular classroom (including the Honors College Kitchen and Libraries), please contact Pat or Sherry for assistance.  
  • Mailboxes:  All Honors faculty members have mailboxes located in the front office. 
  • Parking:  Faculty members are provided with parking passes.  Please register your car(s) online at this web site: https://apps.umsl.edu/webapps/ITS/vehicle_registration/login.cfm.  You will receive a temporary pass until the new passes are available.  Parking is available in lot JJ (nearest to our building), along the driveway (as posted), and in Parking Garage KK (down by the College of Nursing).  Additional parking is available in Lot XX (by the Barnes Library) and Lots WW and VV (in front of Marillac Hall near the Metro-link station).  The shuttle from the main campus can also be useful for those from the north campus.  Parking does “settle down” after the first few weeks of the semester.  If you unexpectedly drive an unregistered vehicle, you can print a 1-day temporary parking pass at this web site:  https://apps.umsl.edu/webapps/ITS/emp_temp_parking/login.cfm.  
  • MyGateway and MyView:  MyGateway is our online course management system.  If you are new and are not on MyGateway or do not have an email address, please ask us for assistance.  MyView is our Student Informationsystem, and also the place you will post grades.  Other Faculty Resources can be found at:  http://www.umsl.edu/technology/frc/ 
  • Syllabus:  Digital copies are preferred.  Please submit those to Sherry by Friday, August 30, 2013.  Thank you in advance.  The College asks that you place your syllabus on MyGateway for your course.  If you would like any assistance with the construction of your syllabus, you may see Nancy Gleason, Bob Bliss, or Dan Gerth. 
  • Text Issues:  If you have any concerns regarding text books or desk copies, please see Pat. 
  • A special note about copying & scanning:  Copy costs continue to increase.  Please try to put a good portion of reading material online for students using MyGateway rather than making hard copies for everything.  With budgetary concerns in mind, Nancy and Bob have asked that we all work to control copy costs as much as possible.  
  • Copying:  We have a copy machine in C106 you may use.  You may also complete the copy request form and place the originals in the tray labeled ‘Copy Requests,’ which is located on the shelf above the desk across from the copy machine. If you have a large copy job, we can send it across campus to our Printing Services department.  We can also make copies of items you send to us electronically.  Please allow 48 hours for copy requests.  
  • Scanning:  Sherry has a scanner on her desk for Honors College scanning. Complete the scan request form and place the originals in the tray labeled ‘Scan Requests,’ which is located on the shelf above the desk across from the copy machine. If you require scanning from a book, please copy the pages first, and place the copies with the scan request in the tray.  Please allow 24 hours for scan requests. 

    You can scan and send to your email using the Xerox Copier in Pat’s Office.  Ask us for assistance. 

The faculty resource center is also available for scanning documents.  You must provide ample time for the center to complete the scanning, and the online reservation form may be found at: http://www.umsl.edu/technology/frc/Forms/index.html

  • AV Equipment:  We have six stick classrooms, LeGras, Seton, Seton 19, C209, C307 and C309, and one learning studio, Villa 155.  There are TV/DVD/VCRs in the small and large libraries (C210 & C211).  Please ask us for the remote controls for these TVs and return the remotes before the office closes the same day.  
  • Absences:  Please call or email Sherry or Pat if you must cancel your class, and we will be happy to post the cancellation, along with any notes you might want to make regarding the class.  Please use MyGateway to announce any unplanned absences to your students as well.  
  • Library Usage:  Once all adjuncts are processed through Human Resources, the library will receive a list of names for granting library privileges.  There may be a slight delay after the start of the semester before the list is processed. Be sure to take your UMSL ID card to check out materials. 
  • UMSL ID Card:  ID cards are processed in the Center for Student Success, 225 Millennium Student Center, 314-516-5300.  http://www.umsl.edu/services/css/photoid_faculty.html 

If you have a question not addressed above, please let us know.  We look forward to working with you this semester.  Again, welcome to the Honors College!