A. Coursework

A minimum of 80 semester hours of coursework is required for a PhD in I/O Psychology. Additional hours may be taken if so desired. University regulations regarding course loads, residency requirements, etc, are detailed in the University Catalogue. Formal Psychology courses are not usually offered during the summer. Students may, however, pursue Directed Readings, Directed Research, Practicum, Thesis, Dissertation, or Management courses during the summer months.

Required Courses (77 hrs)

*Students are required to take these courses more than once.

Possible Elective Courses

Students with previous graduate training may have their transcript reviewed on an individual basis to determine whether credit can be transferred to this degree program. However, such credit is only given for courses closely matching those required here.

Example Course Sequence

1st year MGT 5621 MGT 5625
MGT 5611 PSY 7449
PSY 7412 PSY 5468
PSY 7421 PSY 7422
PSY 7479 PSY 7479
2nd year PSY 7429 PSY 7423
PSY 7454 PSY 7458
PSY 7455 PSY 7472
PSY 7479 PSY 7479
3rd year PSY 7469 PSY 7457
PSY 7491 PSY 7458
PSY 7479 PSY 7465
PSY 7479
4th year+ PSY 7492 PSY 7492


This is an example sequence. Exact course sequence depends on year of entry to program, course offerings, and student interest.

B. Research

Each Ph.D. student must successfully complete an empirical thesis. Later in the program, the student must also satisfactorily complete the Ph.D. dissertation and an oral examination on the dissertation. Each of these are independent research efforts involving: choosing a research area, generating hypotheses, designing the study, collecting and analyzing the data, and writing up the results. For both the thesis and dissertation, a faculty committee oversees the research.

C. Comprehensive Examination

After completing the thesis but before starting the dissertation, the student must pass a comprehensive examination covering the entire field of I/O psychology. This exam consists of an in-class written portion and a subsequent oral exam.