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The Certificate in Media Production provides a sequence of courses designed to develop multi-channel and multi-media skill sets that can be used by students to record, edit, and produce media for artistic, personal, or commercial applications.

Students will develop a portfolio of work that will reflect both independent and client-centered content. Students who complete the Certificate in Media Production will develop the knowledge and skills needed in a rapidly changing media environment.

As of Fall 2019, the Certificate in Media Production is composed of 18 hours of coursework. Students must complete at least 12 hours at UMSL and earn at least a B in any course applied to the certificate. 

Required Coursework Hours
MEDIA ST 2113 Media Production I 3
MEDIA ST 2210 Video Production I 3
MEDIA ST 3310 Video Production II 3
MEDIA ST 3313 Advanced Video Editing 3
MEDIA ST 3318 Advanced Independent Video Production 3
MEDIA ST 2225 Live Events Media or 3
  MEDIA ST 3113   Media Production II
Total Hours 18

(Students who began the media production certificate before fall 2019 may graduate under earlier requirements. These students should stay in touch with their academic advisor to make sure that they are on track.)


Banner Photo: Drew Dubis, 2018