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Accelerated Master of Arts in Communication

The Accelerated Master of Arts (AMA) in Communication is designed to save students time and money by allowing them to make progress toward a graduate degree while still an undergraduate. Undergraduate students admitted to the AMA in Communication can take up to four graduate courses as an undergraduate and count the credit hours toward both degrees. This reduces the time to graduate with both degrees and represents a significant saving. 

  • Earn a BA in Communication as planned
  • Earn an MA in Communication in less time
  • AMA students can take advanced graduate coursework as an undergraduate
  • Credit hours are double-counted and contribute toward both the BA in Communication and the Master of Arts degrees
  • Graduate credit hours taken as an undergraduate are charged the undergraduate tuition rate
  • Save over $7000 in graduate tuition (over $17,500 for nonresidential)
  • Reduce the time needed to earn a graduate degree by up to a year (two semesters)
Program Requirements
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or greater
  • Be a Junior or Senior (by credit hour count) and,
  • Have successfully completed all of the following Communication courses:
    • COMM 1030: Interpersonal Communication
    • COMM 1050: Introduction to Mass Communication
    • COMM 2231: Organizational Communication
    • COMM 2235: Professional Communication
    • COMM 2332: Intercultural Communication
    • COMM 3330: Communication Research Methods
To learn more and to get started:

Contact the Graduate Program Director for the Master of Arts in Communication, Dr. Alan D. Heisel (heisela@umsl.edu)