By registering for classes, students contract to pay tuition and fees unless they officially withdraw and all fees are reassessed at 100%. Tuition and fees are assessed on registered students and are payable by the due date printed on the online bill. The amount of tuition and fees varies by the term a student enters the University, changes in student career, changes of program or coursework within the University, or the number of semester hours for which the student registers. Subsequent changes could result in a change from the amounts originally assessed. Tuition also varies according to the students’ state residence - state of Missouri resident or nonresident. For a description and definition of state resident status, see the Missouri Department of Higher Education residency requirements.  

Tuition and fees are set annually by the University of Missouri Board of Curators.  The University reserves the right to modify by increase or decrease the fees charged for attendance and other services at the University, including but not limited to tuition or educational fees, at any time when in the discretion of the governing board the same is in the best interest of the University, provided that no increases can or will be effective unless approved by the governing board not less than thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the academic term (semester, etc.) to which the fees are applicable, with all modification of fees to be effective irrespective as to whether fees have or have not been paid by or on behalf of a student prior to the effective date of the modification.

State Residence Classification 
The state residence classification of an applicant is determined on the basis of information given on the application and other credentials. Tuition is assessed in accordance with this information. A student who has legitimate cause for change of status may petition for change on a Petition for Missouri Resident Status Form.

Regulations Governing the Determination of State Residence Status for Admission and Assessment of Student Tuition 
State resident status applies both to assessment of tuition and admission to the University. Principal elements determining state residency are:

  • Presence within the state of Missouri for the primary purpose of retirement, full time employment, full time professional practice, or to conduct a business full time) or
  • Presence within the state of Missouri for a minimum of the twelve (12) immediate past, consecutive months coupled with proof of intent to make the state of Missouri a permanent home for an indefinite period.
  • Members of the Armed Forces: Missouri Revised Statues-Section 41.890.  For the purposes of student resident status, military personnel, when stationed within the state under military orders, their spouses, and their unemancipated children under twenty-four years of age who enroll in a Missouri community college, Missouri college, or Missouri state University shall be regarded as holding Missouri resident status.

The burden of proof of establishing eligibility for Missouri resident status shall rest with the student.

Applicable Tuition and Fees are waived for:

  • Holders of tuition-waiver scholarships.
  • Missouri residents age 65 and older enrolled in a University of Missouri-St. Louis undergraduate credit course on an audit, space-available basis (after fee-paying students have enrolled) for a $25 registration fee.  Parking and any course-related fees are additional.
  • University of Missouri-St. Louis employees enrolled as auditors in any course with the prior consent of the instructor and Dean of the school or college.
  • Fifty percent of the tuition (educational fee) is waived per semester for an eligible spouse or an eligible dependent child of an eligible University of Missouri employee. Conditions and eligibility.
  • Seventy-five percent of the tuition (educational fee) is waived per semester for eligible University employees and retirees (up to 6 cr hrs in the Spring and Fall and up to 3 cr hrs in the summer session). Conditions and eligibility.

The nonresident portion of tuition (if the student is subject to payment of tuition) is waived (via scholarship) for:

  • A student who is admitted under a specific agreement between an institution in the student's state of residence and the University of Missouri-St. Louis providing for payment of tuition and required fees at resident student rates.
  • A student who is an unmarried adult, is for good reason dependent on his or her parents as if a minor, and is an adult dependent for Federal income tax purposes, provided the student would be classified under the residence rules as a Missouri resident were he or she a minor. Such a student will be exempt from other nonresident regulation.