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Fee Information

Class Auditing: Students may enroll as auditors in any course with the prior consent of the Dean of the school or college in which the auditors desire to be registered. They may be dropped from the course when, in the judgment of the instructor and Dean, their record justifies such action. Tuition and supplemental fees are waived if a University employee audits a course. All other Auditors are charged full fees and receive no academic credit.

The University reserves the right to modify by increase or decrease the fees charged for attendance and other services at the University, including but not limited to tuition or educational fees, at any time when in the discretion of the governing board the same is in the best interest of the University.

Enrollment Confirmation Fee: A one-time enrollment fee of $50.00 is charged to all undergraduate students during their first semester at UMSL. This charge is the first part of the enrollment process here at UMSL and is a non-refundable fee.

Final Semester Graduate Exam Fee: Graduate students must enroll in the semester in which they graduate. If they have completed required course work, thesis, and dissertation credits, they must enroll in “Graduate Exam.”

Finance Charge: If a student chooses to make the minimum payment or a partial payment, a finance charge of 1% of the Adjusted Amount Due will be assessed. The monthly 1% finance charge can be avoided by paying the balance in full.

Ghana Study Abroad Program Fee: This program enables students to take courses during the fall semester only, at the University of Ghana in West Africa. The program fee includes undergraduate tuition and registration fees, estimated airfare, housing, visa fees, and international health/accident insurance. For more information see the Center For International Studies.

Housing Rates: See the webpage for the Office of Residential Life and Housing.

International Administration Fee: All F1 and J1 students enrolled in at least one credit hour are assessed The International Administration Fee. This fee is charged in order to offset the high ongoing costs of institutional compliance with SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitors Information System) regulations. This is a flat rate fee of $80 for the Fall and Spring semesters and $40 for the Summer semester.

International Student Insurance: REQUIRED- International students in F-1 and J-1 status are required to purchase the health insurance policy offered through the University. Information regarding waivers, premiums and coverage is available through the Office of International Student Services. Telephone# (314) 516-5671.

International Student Sponor Fee: Students whose fees are paid by a third party sponsor will be assessed an annual charge of $500. Students who receive partial or full financial support from their home country government or an international organization require more staff time and resources than students who are self-funded. 

The revenue generated from this fee will significantly strengthen the support infrastructure for sponsored students. The result will be improved services, for example, the various requests from the sponsor and the students will be processed more quickly, special field trips will be arranged for the students, and extra individual advising on academic and personal issues will be provided. The result is an enhanced and positive improvement to the students’ overall experience.

Laboratory Breakage Fee: Breakage or loss of laboratory equipment due to personal negligence on the part of the student shall be assessed against the student when the actual value of the supply exceeds $1.00. The amount of the charge shall be determined by the department chairperson.

Late Payment Fee: Student accounts will be subject to a $25 late fee if the minimum payment is not received by the due date shown on the monthly billing statement.

Late Registration Fee: Any student registering on or after the first day of the semester will be assessed a non-refundable late registration fee of $250.00 in the regular sessions in the Fall and Spring semesters and in the Winter Intersession.

NCLEX Fee: In an effort to aid in student's preparation for the NCLEX, the College of Nursing has chosen to require the ATI Live NCLEX review as part of the final semester course work. The cost has been included in final semester tuition and fees. This is a required part of student's final semester coursework and grades will not be submitted until this is complete.

Returned Check Fee: Any check payable to the University of Missouri which is returned unpaid will be assessed a $20.00 returned check fee.

Senior Citizen Fee Waiver: Missouri residents age 65 and older may enroll in a University of Missouri-St. Louis undergraduate credit course on an audit (not-for-credit), space-available basis (after fee-paying students have enrolled) for a $25 registration fee. Any course-related fees are additional. Proof of age and Missouri residency must be provided at time of enrollment, and any course requirements or prerequisites must be met.

Thesis and Dissertation Fee: Graduate Students must pay a fee for the binding and microfilming of their thesis and dissertation