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Students must log into MyView in order to accept any offered financial aid, and to access any important to-do list information that may be needed in order to process your financial aid. You will need your SSO and password to log into MyView.

Did you E-Consent?
First things first! Make sure you complete E-Consent in order to access your student account and financial aid information.


Accepting your aid offers


  1. 1.

    Step One: View your financial aid offers in MyView

    Go to the Student Center and click the Financial Aid tile:


    Next, click Accept/Decline Awards and then the Aid Year.

    Remember: You will click on the appropriate full aid year – 2024 is for Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024

  1. 2

    Step Two: Review your financial aid offers

    Select any aid to view details and any requirements that must be met to be eligible for disbursement.             

  1. 3

    Step Three: Accept or Decline your financial aid offers

    Mark the correct check box by each aid offer to indicate whether you are accepting or declining the award.

    Borrowing Less
    After you have selected the "Accept" box you can adjust the amount.  The amount will be split evenly between the Fall and Spring semesters.  If you need to adjust the amount based on each semester then you will need to complete a loan adjustment form with Student Financial Services. 

    You will be directed to the "Award Package Options" page where you will need to select "I Agree" for your aid to be applied to your educational expenses.

  1. 4

    Step Four: Read the Important Information

    Make sure that you note any awards that have enrollment requirements and if you are not going to be meeting those requirements please contact our office in order to make any necessary adjustments to your awards. Make sure to read the Stafford Loan Information  carefully.

  1. 5

    Step Five: Submit your aid offers

    If you are receiving any additional outside scholarships you can list them and then select  "Submit" or  "Re-Submit".  A confirmation page will appear click "OK".  When you have successfully accepted the amounts you will see the green checkmark. The aid should now show that they are accepted or declined.

Students who are borrowing Direct Loans will need to complete both Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note through the Department of Education. If you have already completed both the MPN and Entrance Counseling please log on and make sure you still have an Active MPN and add our school code 002519 to your Entrance Counseling.

If a parent is interested in applying for a PLUS loan, or a Graduate Student plans to take a Graduate PLUS loan the application will need to be completed on the Federal Student Loan site. Learn more about PLUS loans.

After you complete the FAFSA, our office may be required to collect additional eligibility or verification documentation to verify the information listed on the FAFSA. Check your MyView To Do List for information that needs to be submitted to our office, or actions you need to take to finalize your  financial aid.

In MyView:

Self Service

→ Student Center

→ To Do List