The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in partnership with Human Resources and the Office of the Provost are implementing new hiring procedures for faculty and staff positions. This will include implicit bias training for search committee members and an applicant pool certification process for staff and academic positions. Additionally, the university has an established committee to ensure an equitable process for hiring procedures and/or new/reclassifications/positions.  

For information on UMSL's academic search procedures for full- and part-time positions, please refer to the appropriate tab below:

Pool Certification (additional information coming soon) 



Academic Search Committee Checklist

Interviewing Guidelines 

Position Description Requirements 

Note: To be included in EEO information section of e-Recruit

Resources for Recruiting Women and Minorities 

Vacancy Announcement Requirements 


ADA Compliance Form 

ADA Essential Functions Form 

Provost Authorization Form 

Waiver Request Form 

Note: If considering a Waiver request, please consult with the ODEI [314-516-5695] prior to completing this form. When submitting, please include a Provost Authorization form, a position description, and both ADA forms; email to and cc