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University of Missouri Equal Employment/Educational Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Policy

Helpful Resources for filling academic positions

Quick Reference Guide for Creating a Job Posting in e-Recruit (PDF 480KB)

Sample for completion of EEO information (e-Recruit) (PDF 211KB)

Search Committee Checklist (PDF 206KB)

Vacancy Announcement Requirements (PDF 15KB)

Position Description Requirements  (to be included in EEO information section of e-Recruit) (PDF 15KB)

HR-110 Interviewing Guidelines (PDF 50KB)

Resources for Recruiting Women and Minorities (PDF 146KB)

Sample Application Evaluation Form (DOC 25KB)

Sample Application Criteria Grid (XSLS 30KB)

Waiver Request Form  (PDF 64KB)(please include Provost Authorization form, a position description and both ADA forms when requesting a waiver; email to  Note: If considering a Waiver request, please consult with the OEOD (314-516-5695) prior to completing this form.

ADA Essential Functions Form (PDF 113KB)

ADA Compliance Form (PDF 79KB)

Provost Authorization Form (PDF 120KB)


Forms for filling part-time faculty positions:

Filling Part-Time Academic Vacancies - (PDF 102KB)

Academic "Pool Maintenance" Report (PDF 90KB)

Academic "Pool" Selection Report  (PDF 47KB) (please include a position description and both the ADA forms, above, with this form; email to

Position Description Requirements (PDF 15KB)

Vacancy Announcement Requirements (PDF 15KB)