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BFSA 40th LogoThe Black Faculty/Staff Association (BFSA) (formerly Black Faculty/Professional Staff Association) was formed in July 1983 as a result of the efforts of a small cadre of Black faculty and professional staff who saw the need for a collective body to address their concerns on the campus of UMSL.

The Black Faculty/Staff Association has continued efforts to improve education and employment opportunities for the Black community at UMSL. Members have worked diligently to foster a positive relationship between Black students, faculty and staff. In support of the objectives of BFSA, many other actions have been initiated. Examples of these actions are:

  • The awarding of an annual scholarship to a deserving student.
  • The establishment of a welcoming procedure for prospective and new Black faculty and staff.
  • The sponsorship of fund-raising, social and academic related activities.
  • The establishment of a forum and vehicle for research and development.
  • The formation of an off-campus network with organizations that have similar goals and objectives.



The purpose of the Black Faculty/Staff Association is to assist the University of Missouri-St. Louis in accomplishing its mission as an urban institution by addressing the concerns and issues identified by Black faculty, staff and students and to establish an effective line of communication between UM-St. Louis administration and these groups; further, to work toward greater participation of Blacks in decision-making processes which affect their well-being.



  • To serve as advocates for Black faculty, staff and students in matters related to employment, tenure, fair treatment and access to opportunities at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.
  • To assist students toward a successful matriculation at the University of Missouri- St. Louis.
  • To provide a forum and vehicle for research and development.
  • To serve as a resource for new and prospective faculty and staff.
  • To disseminate information for the growth and development of faculty, staff and students.
  • To provide financial and moral support to individuals, groups and causes which contribute to the well-being of the Black community.


"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."
Frederick Douglass