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In order to build an inclusive campus environment, the office provides professional development programs, learning-on-demand resources and trainings by request.

Learning-on-Demand Resources 

ODEI offers a curated set of online resources on a variety of DEI topics on our blog (open to all) and on Percipio (campus log-in required). 

 The Cap-A.B.L.E. Workshop Series

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion invites you to participate in the Cap – A.B.L.E. Workshop Series. The Cap – A.B.L.E. Workshop Series is a new programmatic approach in exploring issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) inside of higher education. The series is built around the principles of intergroup dialogue – active and engaged learning environment, facilitated discussions, and an intergroup focus. Throughout the series, participants will: (1) examine the organizational structures and social foundations of higher education, (2) define and recognize the importance of DEI to the academic enterprise, (3) practice fostering and facilitating conversations around DEI, and (4) create an action plan for enacting change.


Chancellor's Certificate in Advancing DEI in the Workplace (Next session: Spring 2025, dates TBD)

The Chancellor’s Certificate in Workplace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is a highly interactive, cohort-based, online professional development program that explores the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. This non-credit bearing program is open to all professionals in the Greater Saint Louis community. More information and registration


Training by Request

The Title IX & Equity Office provides training for staff, faculty and students at the university. We provide educational materials and programming for the campus community to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment and to prevent all forms of discrimination. Your Title IX & Equity Office is available for you whenever you need us. Please let us know if you have questions, require resource information and/or have a specific training need. More information here

Conflict Resolution & Mediation Services offers a variety of resources. We offer Conflict Coaching, one-on-one meeting for individuals to share their concerns, talk through issues, and develop strategies for addressing a variety of workplace issues and conflicts with colleagues, supervisors, and supervisees. There are also Group Training & Assessments which can be helpful for teams and groups to gain a better understanding of group dynamics, strength areas, and areas for growth. Currently, we offer two types of assessments that are combined with a group debrief and training. For more information and questions, contact Marlo Goldstein Hode.

If you would like to schedule a diversity, equity, and inclusion training for your team or department, please contact odei@umsl.edu


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