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CTL Summer CAMP (Collaborating to Advance Meaningful Partnerships)

This program is on hiatus until Summer 2025. 

CTL Summer CAMP (Collaborating to Advance Meaningful Partnerships) is an opportunity for you to refine and hone skills in a selected area to support your teaching goals for the upcoming Fall and beyond. Faculty participants agree to provide peer feedback to fellow participants and to share what they learn within their departments/colleges. 

This program will engage faculty and students in drawing on each other's expertise in teaching and learning. A multidisciplinary community will afford members a rich set of opportunities for exploration and growth. The examination of things we have in common as teachers and learners allows us to share ideas and strategies. Reflection on our individual and disciplinary differences helps us learn more about ourselves and reveal best practices for our disciplines. 

There is no specific curriculum we will follow. Rather this is a supportive community in which we will help each other meet our goals for the summer. In this program, you will work with faculty colleagues, student partners, and CTL camp leaders to collaborate in a faculty cohort. You’ll receive student and peer feedback as you focus on specific aspects of your course. 

The cohort will meet weekly as a large group, and also in smaller accountability groups as needed with those with similar goals and more individualized feedback from your student partners.

Time commitment 

This program typically runs from early June through mid-July. Facilitators and student partners are also available throughout July to help faculty with questions, course design, and implementation. During the 5-week program, expect to spend 4-6 hours per week meeting, as well as developing activities and assessments, and testing out technical solutions for your Fall class(es). 

Benefits of program completion

Faculty will have the opportunity to apply skills and learn from others in interdisciplinary cohorts centered around the same area of focus. Time will be set aside for synchronous interactions within the cohort, small peer groups, and one-on-one consultations with CTL facilitators. Interested faculty can practice technologies and collect feedback from others. Upon completion of the program, faculty will submit any relevant artifacts that pertain to their teaching goal and a reflection.  

Eligible faculty

All UMSL full and part-time faculty are eligible if they are on the upcoming Fall schedule teaching at least one fully in-person, blended, or synchronous online course with real-time meeting patterns. Caps on registration might be placed based on facilitator and student partner capacity. Check specific registration caps and prioritization information on the registration form which will open in the spring of each year.