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Part-Time Faculty Orientation (PTO)

Orientations are tailored to full-time and part-time faculty, respectively. Depending on the group orientations will introduce: (1) campus services which support faculty and students; (2) campus supports for teaching and learning including integrating technology into courses; (3) service-learning and civic engagement opportunities; (4) research and funding opportunities. Upcoming sessions include May 8th and June 4th.

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CTL Summer CAMP (Collaborating to Advance Meaningful Partnerships)

Teaching in-person, blended or online via Zoom this fall? Join the CTL’s new summer CAMP (Collaborating to Advance Meaningful Partnerships) to work within a faculty cohort, student partners, and CTL. This program will run May 24 through June 25, 2021. We will also be available July 12-30 to help faculty with questions, course design, and implementation. Faculty who complete the program will earn an $800 stipend.

Register Now through May 1 and Choose Your Cohort:

You’ll receive student and peer feedback as you focus on specific aspects of your course related to your choice of one of these three areas:

  1. Cohort 1, meetings on Tuesdays 10am-12pm: Activities and Assessments (Building confidence, academic integrity, alignment with course goals)
  2. Cohort 2, meetings on Thursdays 1pm-3pm: Collaborative Learning (Groups, Discussion, Classroom Engagement)
  3. Cohort 3, meetings on Fridays 10am-12pm: Student Motivation (Building community, selfdirected learning, keeping students engaged)

During the 4-week program, expect to spend 4-5 hours per week (meeting in your cohort, developing activities and assessments, and testing out technical solutions for your fall class) with your student and CTL partners. Refine and hone your teaching skills in an area you choose to support your teaching goals for the fall and beyond.

Who is this program intended for?

Up to 75 UMSL full and part-time faculty on the Fall 2021 schedule teaching at least one fully inperson, blended, or synchronous online course with specific meeting patterns. Please only register once; if you are developing multiple courses it is not necessary to register multiple times. If teaching fully online this fall, contact the Office of eLearning at for workshop opportunities to develop courses for fully asynchronous online delivery.

What are the benefits of the program?

You will have the opportunity to build your teaching toolbox and learn from others in interdisciplinary cohorts centered around the same area of focus. Time will be set aside for synchronous interactions within the cohort, small peer groups, and one-on-one consultations with your student partner and CTL facilitators. Interested faculty can practice with new technologies and synchronous instruction in the classroom or on Zoom. Upon completion of the program, faculty will submit a plan for the unexpected, syllabus statements that pertain to their teaching goal, and a reflection.

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