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Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching to a Non-Tenure Track Faculty Member

This Award recognizes and honors outstanding achievement in teaching, research, service or other contributions to undergraduate and/or graduate education by individuals who hold full-time (75 percent or higher) academic non-tenure track appointments.

An award plaque and honorarium of $1,000 is presented at the Chancellor's State of the University Address in the Fall semester.

Nominee must hold a full-time, academic, non-tenure track appointment at UMSL.

Nominees must show evidence consistent with the priorities and goals outlined in the UMSL Strategic Plan, demonstrating accomplishment and excellence in teaching.

The following criteria may be considered in preparing a nomination:

  • An approach to teaching and assessment that engages students in the process of learning
  • High standards that promote academic excellence
  • Innovative and effective teaching strategies
  • Efforts showing a commitment to improving teaching and learning

Submission Materials and Format:
All nominations must include the following materials:

  • Cover page with name, position, academic address of nominee and nominator, and a checklist of included documents
  • Nomination letter
  • Curriculum vitae, including a list of courses taught
  • Nominee’s statement of philosophy concerning teaching, research, or service outlining goals, strategies, methods, and outcomes. The statement should not exceed three double-spaced pages
  • Evidence supporting the criteria above (additional items for nominations that focus on accomplishments in teaching). Teaching evaluations should only be included in summary form.
  • Letters of support (no more than five) from students, alumni, colleagues, administrators and community leaders. Include at least two letters from students and, if appropriate for the nominee’s work, one letter from a colleague invited to observe in the nominee’s classes. Each letter should be limited to 2 pages in length.

Winning nominations will become public information and shared with the campus community. Candidates and nominators demonstrate their agreement to allow the packets to become public through the submission process. (The letters of support, individual course evaluations, and the candidate's C.V. are exempt from this public disclosure.)

Nomination Procedure:
The Senate Faculty Teaching and Service Awards Committee receives and reviews all nominations and presents its recommendation to the chancellor for final approval. The Committee requires submission through electronic format. These nominations should be a single file in MS Word or pdf format, and should be emailed to the Senate office (senate@umsl.edu) no later than 5 pm on the deadline.

Deadline for Submission:
March 1, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. is the deadline for submission of nomination and completed materials packet.


Previous Award Winners:

2022 - 2023 Martille Elias, Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Educator Preparation and Leadership
2021 - 2022 Jennifer Nolan, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of History, College of Arts and Sciences
2020 - 2021 Marcia Countryman, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Accounting, College of Business Administration
2019 - 2020 Mark Hauschild, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences
2018 - 2019 Anita Manion, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences 
2017 - 2018 Linda Wells-Glover, Associate Teaching Professor, School of Social Work 
2016 - 2017 Michael Allison, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Economics, College of Arts and Sciences
2015 - 2016 Lynn Staley, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of English, College of Arts and Sciences
2014 - 2015 Kimberly Baldus, Teaching Professor, Pierre Laclede Honors College
2013 - 2014 Kathleen Nigro, Associate Teaching Professor, Departments of English, Gender Studies, and Anthropology, Sociology and Languages, College of Arts and Sciences
2012 - 2013 Patricia Anne Rosenthal, Associate Director and Associate Clinical Professor, School of Social Work, College of Arts and Sciences
2011 - 2012 Donald Gouwens, Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Educational Psychology, Research and Evaluation, College of Education
2010 - 2011 Jennifer Siciliani, Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Advising Department of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
2009 - 2010 David Griesedieck, Teaching Professor in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences
2008 - 2009 Martha Caeiro, Associate Teaching Professor of Spanish; Kimberly Sallee, Associate Teaching Professor of Spanish; and Susan Yoder-Kreger, Associate Teaching Professor of Spanish, Department of Anthropology and Languages, Center for Languages and Cultures, College of Arts and Sciences.
2007 - 2008 Shahla Peterman, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics and Computer Science
2006 - 2007 Wayne W. Winter, Instructor, Business Law
2005 - 2006 Vinita Henry, Clinical Associate Professor, Optometry
2004 - 2005 Robert Harris, Clinical Associate Professor, Psychology
2003 - 2004 Elizabeth Eckelkamp, Lecturer, Foreign Languages and Literatures
2002 - 2003 Margaret Phillips, Senior Lecturer, Criminology and Criminal Justice
2001 - 2002 Elizabeth W. Vining, Senior Lecturer, Marketing
2000 - 2001 Virginia Navarro, Visiting Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology, Research and Evaluation
1999 - 2000 Nancy Gleason, Senior Lecturer, Honors College
1998 - 1999 Robert Keel, Lecturer, Sociology
1997 - 1998 John Henschke, Associate Professor, Continuing Education and Outreach
1996 - 1997 Gillian Raw, Lecturer, Mathematics and Computer Science
1995 - 1996 David Bird, Lecturer, Management Science and Information Systems
1994 - 1995 Angelo Puricelli, Senior Lecturer, Education